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CAE® Program Testimonials
"The CAE® Program is a very smart investment and one that I highly recommend that association leaders make in themselves. Why? It reinforced what I already knew, it helped me articulate what I instinctively knew but couldn't put into words, and it expanded and deepened my thinking. It built my confidence, extended my networks, and increased my knowledge about association management. I was fortunate enough that my employer paid for the course and even before I completed the entire course, I was able to provide a return on their investment by contributing new ideas, concepts and approaches to issues. Being an association leader is a proud and honourable profession; being an association leader with a CAE enhances your professional status."

Rozalyn Werner-Arcé, CAE
Director, Marketing & Communications
Community Living Ontario

"The CAE® Program helped to expand my perspective on association management, along with enhancing my overall view of the profession. As I progressed through the program, I realized that I had been wrapped up in my own little association world. We often think of our own particular association as unique, and while in some ways we are, there are many others who face similar issues and challenges on a daily basis. The CAE® Program opened my eyes to a broader range of resources to draw on. Over the last couple of years, I have already made several new contacts among members and fellow students. I know I have only scratched the surface and with further participation in events and conferences this will grow."

John Logan, CAE
Membership Services
Atlantic Building Supply Dealers Association
"My participation in the CAE® Program allowed me to learn about association management, measure my own organization against others, and to look at myself introspectively so that I could grow as a manager and association executive. I manage two very busy portfolios for the Canadian Payroll Association, but despite that, my time spent reading, learning and completing assignments, as well as networking with others in the association world, was all time very well-spent."

Steven Van Alstine, CAE, B.A.
Vice President, Compliance Programs and Services
The Canadian Payroll Association
"My CSAE experience provided a great perspective about the successes and challenges of other association professionals also working for 'the cause.' My passion for fishing and hunting is what brought me to the head office of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters. Through CSAE, it's great to share notes and experiences with those who are both personally and professionally driven to make a difference for the cause they represent as well. The CAE designation is just another example of the 'above and beyond the call of duty' mindset of association professionals. It's easy to be dedicated when you believe in your work."

Robert J. Pye, CAE
Manager, Marketing/Corporate Messaging
Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters
"The CAE® Program challenged me to expand my knowledge base, question my thinking and enhance my understanding of the association community. For the associations I work with, the assignments that were completed as part of the CAE® Program provided valuable information and ideas that they were able to put into action. Professionally, achieving the CAE designation has enhanced my reputation and credibility – in addition, my employer recognizes the value of the designation and has increased my compensation as a result. Earning the CAE designation is an important milestone in my association career."

Nicola Wright, CAE
Vice President Client Services
Fletcher Wright Associates Inc.
"Without a doubt, completing the CAE® Program has been one of the most useful and rewarding educational and professional experiences that I have ever been involved in. As a result of the relevancy of the materials, the flexibility of the online format, the regular interaction with the instructors and my fellow students, online discussions, and the overall quality and professional approach, the CAE® experience is definitely the most valuable learning opportunity for association leaders. As the President and CEO of a professional association, all my assignments were presented and implemented throughout my organization. My personal growth has been noticed and rewarded. I recommend the CAE® Program to anyone involved in associations."

Jeannine Brooks, CAE, CGA, FCGA, MBA
President & CEO
The Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators

"Regardless of your background or education, everyone can benefit from the CAE® Program.  If you have been leading an association for ten years, or have just started navigating the waters of an association, the CAE® Program has something for you!  The colleagues you 'meet' bring a very mixed bag of experience and education, and everyone is willing to share.  I have worked in the not-for-profit sector for over ten years, five in a professional association, and the CAE® Program provided me with immediate, tangible information and strategies throughout the course.  This program is unique, in that is helps you understand good governance, Best Practices, is research-based and expands your network.  Problem solving and collaboration are built in to the program; making for a unique, rewarding experience.  I have learned how to create reports for my association that are well-researched, effectively resourced and written in a way that gets results.  This program is definitely worth the investment!"

Christine Nielsen, CAE, BHA, MLT
Executive Director
Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science

"My experience with the CAE® Program brought immediate rewards not only for my personal and professional growth but for my entire organization. The difference with this program is that from the first lesson to the last paper, students are challenged to consider new thinking, outward perspectives and alternate methods of leadership. New perspectives associated with strategic thinking, analysis and problem solving that can be applied ‘right now’ to every day work. The program provides great flexibility for busy executives who strive to balance work, life long learning and wellness. It was a wonderful and enriching experience."

Chriss Gates, CAE

Director, Volunteer Resources, Western Canada
Canadian Red Cross

"The CAE® Program has provided me with invaluable knowledge directly applicable to my role as the CEO and Registrar of a health regulatory organization. It is difficult to find education that is targeted to the non-profit environment and I was very pleased to find a program that provided just that! Each lesson throughout the program focused on relevant aspects of operations and management and provided me with the tools and knowledge I needed.  Assignments were timely, and I was almost always able to directly apply my assignments to my workplace. Overall, I highly recommend this program for anyone looking for target, specific education and personal growth in association/non-profit management."

Kathy Hilsenteger, CAE
Chief Executive Officer & Registrar
Alberta College of Medical Diagnostic & Therapeutic Technologists


"I was delighted to have the opportunity to be one of the first Australians to undertake the CAE® Program. While I already had an MBA and many years of experience in both the commercial and non-profit sectors, I chose to undertake the complete CAE® Program by coursework in order to gauge my own compliance with the competencies addressed by the program. I found it to be an excellent format, providing stimulation and self assessment on a weekly basis throughout. The program is very professional in its development and in the way it is supervised, with every sense that those who oversee the program are themselves steeped in the competencies being promoted. Being a long way from Canada was no disadvantage at all."

Richard Gerner, CAE
Chief Executive Officer
Professional Association Management Services

"As an Australian undertaking the CAE® Program, I was fascinated to learn how much we have in common with our Canadian colleagues.  Perhaps not a surprise really, given our system of government are similar, but for me the real values were:  the association-specific nature of the course and supporting materials (not available in Australia); and the opportunity to have wonderful forum discussions with colleagues who understand the nature of the industry we are in.  Why wouldn't anybody with a commitment to their own education and working in the sector not undertake this great course?  The knowledge gained is relevant, the environment is supportive and I have found new international colleagues who have contributed to my learning."

Christine Brill, CAE
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Medical Association