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Guide to Positive Staff-Board Relations for Directors of Non-Profit Organizations - 4th Edition

By Sandi L. Humphrey, CAE and Donald G. Evans



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Through their examination of commonplace scenarios, authors Sandi L. Humphrey, CAE and Donald G. Evans identify ways in which not-for-profit boards and staff can overcome the challenges that impede them from meeting organizational objectives and maximizing joint effectiveness.

This guide provides practical recommendations for establishing trust, open communication and enhanced productivity in the relationship between staff and their volunteer leaders.

This publication’s fourth edition serves as an invaluable resource in helping staff and board members understand their respective roles and thrive as a team. Countless organizations throughout Canada include this guide as a critical orientation and training tool for their board members and CEOs.


  • Where Staff and Boards Fall Short
  • Defining and Adhering to Staff/Board Roles
  • Building Strong and Effective Teams
  • Setting Unrealistic Staff Workloads
  • Orienting Board Members
  • Micromanaging Staff
  • Complying with Policies
  • Fearing Risks
  • Employing the Wrong Staff
  • Where CEOs Fall Short
  • Moving Beyond Conflicts

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