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Benchmarking and Best Practices for Associations

By James B. Pealow, CAE




Individuals and organizations constantly look for new and innovative ways to improve what they do. This book will inform those in the association community about benchmarking and provide them with access to over 200 best practices that will save associations time and money, and improve the quality of association activities.

The best practices in this publication cover a broad spectrum of association management issues and are based on CSAE's Association Management Competency Standards. Along with extensive information on benchmarking, best practices and performance indicators, the author deals with specific strategic and operational issues that are relevant to all types of associations and non-profit organizations. This is the reference book for today's association executive.


  • Introduction to benchmarking
  • Association leadership practices
  • Membership and services practices
  • Support and operations practices
  • Association structure and environment practices
  • Benchmarking examples
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