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Food and Beverage: The Secret Ingredients to a Stand-Out Event

Of the many ingredients that create a memorable event, few are as influential as a venue's food and beverage services. 
“Whether it's an awards dinner, a meal for an important meeting, or a lunch between sessions, the food we serve during events is often what brings people together, and it's usually one of the things guests talk about most when they return home,” agrees Carrie Paolone, Director of Events with Niagara Fall's Scotiabank Convention Centre (SCCN).

Finding New Customers with Social Media

Mar 14 2017

Social media offers a virtual world of promotional opportunities, and among those is the ability to reach potential customers on their own digital turf. Yet with almost 3 billion people tweeting 500 million messages and watching 3 billion YouTube videos a day, actually finding the people with the highest potential of buying from your association can be overwhelming and costly. Here's where knowing your target audience and understanding the tricks of the online trade can help build a strong social media strategy.

Unlocking the Benefits of E-Commerce

Feb 13 2017

Online retailers like Amazon and Apple have long set the standard for today's e-commerce experience. And while many in the commercial sector have embraced the best e-commerce practices and tools from digital giants like these, associations have yet to fully embrace their online selling potential.

Digital Marketing Holds Key to Member Recruitment

Jan 17 2017

It's a new day for association marketing. And as many race to recruit new members in 2017, it will be those who embrace the full might of digital marketing who will ultimately grow their numbers. “Associations need to get realistic about where they're spending their marketing budget and what channels they're relying on, because simply being online and expecting people to find you isn't cutting it anymore,” says Suzanne Carawan, Chief Marketing Officer with HighRoad Solution.