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CSAE National Conference 2017 & Showcase

CSAE National Conference 2017 and Showcase

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It's time to look forward to the CSAE National Conference 2017.

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St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador has welcomed adventurers from all corners of the world for 500 years. However, this place does not always act its age! Being the continent's most easterly point merits its very own time zone, half-an-hour off-kilter with the rest of the world.

Beautiful vistas, home-grown culinary experiences, eclectic architecture and modern amenities complement the historic European flair of this place that rises dramatically from the water’s edge. You will instantly encounter a warm and pleasant familiarity. Combine this with the renowned friendliness of colourful characters that have to be experienced to be understood.

The new St. John's Convention Centre has doubled in size to accommodate conference events. It has made this host city even better! If you're ready for a good time, join us for the CSAE National Conference in 2017. Come see why National Geographic named this magical place the Top Coastal Destination in the world.

You may never want to leave!

Krista Cameron
Director of Sales, Destination St. John's

Leon Mills, CAE
Executive Director, Canadian Hard of Hearing Association, Newfoundland and Labrador

Co-Chairs, CSAE National Conference 2017 and Showcase

Why Attend the CSAE National Conference 2017 and Showcase?

Are you an association executive or professional? Are you serious about improving your skill sets and advancing your organization?

The annual CSAE National Conference presents a broad range of activities and events with this in mind. Our conference events are planned to provide an unforgettable experience:

  • Keynote speakers ready to inspire with their expertise and experience.
  • Current, relevant topics detailed in our comprehensive educational programs
  • Invaluable socializing and networking opportunities
  • Over 100 booths as part of the exceptional trade show
  • Learn about St. John's with provided activities

Visit CSAE National Conference 2017 & Showcase News & Updates for the latest discussions, updates, and more!

Who Should Attend?

CSAE National Conference 2017 offers numerous chances for education and networking. There is something for staff and volunteers at all levels of not-for-profit organizations and the businesses that support them.

This conference is designed to prepare you and your organization for the association sector by providing you with best practices, education, and information you need to excel.

Individuals operating at all levels and functions within an association can derive value from the CSAE National Conference 2017. Such individuals include:

  • Business Suppliers to Associations
  • Directors, Senior Managers or Managers
  • Association Executives
  • Staff Members filling various other functions in associations

CSAE National Conference: Something for Everyone

The CSAE National Conference provides over ## sessions suited to a broad range of educational needs:

Introductory -- How To

For Business and Association Executives seeking new ways to conduct business.

Intermediate -- Best Practices

Develop innovative approaches and solutions by exploring association sector best practices.

Advanced -- Strategy

Understand and leverage conditions and trends currently affecting the association Sector.

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