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CSAE National Conference 2017 Session Details

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

8:00 – 9:30

Putting the CSAE BoardREADY Card Deck into Action

Presenter: Lori Prospero, Owl Child Care Services of Ontario
Sponsored By: Trillium Chapter, CSAE

Are you looking for a tool to help your board move beyond oversight and to embrace their duty of foresight? The CSAE BoardREADY card deck is a tool designed to get boards to learn, think, discuss and act from four perspectives: productive hindsight, ambient oversight, purposeful foresight and Actionable Insight. Join Lori Prospero, CAE to break open the cards and explore how to put them into action. The CSAE BoardREADY card deck will increase strategic thinking and help your board make better, more informed decisions. Warning, using the CSAE BoardREADY card deck is addictive.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Learn 10 creative ways to use the CSAE BoardREADY card deck.
2. Gain insight into how to use the four perspectives to your advantage.
3. Understand how sequencing can increase the value of the CSAE BoardREADY card deck.


Are You Ready: How to Disaster Proof Your Event

Presenter: Jenn Houtby-Ferguson, Twist Consulting
Sponsored By: CSAE Trillium Chapter

Are you ready? In today's changing world, managing risk is key competency for the meetings industry. From natural disasters to terrorism, Boards, Associations and destinations must all understand their role, and the role of local government to both prepare for and respond to emergency situations. What is an emergency action plan? How do we mitigate risk at high profile meetings? Are cyber threats an issue for events? How will politics impact your event? Be prepared, not scared and learn how to disaster-proof your event. This eye-opening session is a must for all industry professionals.

What this session includes:

  • It happened to me! Tales from the front line
  • What is emergency readiness and why it matters to meetings & events
  • Who is responsible? Our legal and moral obligations as event professionals
  • Hazard identification and expected actions
  • Natural disasters and critical incidents, cyber threats, terrorism
  • Key components of an Emergency Action Plan; and
  • Where to go for help? (Additional resources)

Learning Outcomes:

1. Learn what is emergency readiness and why it matters for associations (and meetings/events)

2. Discover which hazards may impact their region (in Canada), rank high/low probability of occurrence and identify expected actions

3. Determine the key components of an Emergency Action Plan and begin work to create one.

8:00 – 9:30

Building Association Engagement in a Fake News World.

Presenters: Kevin McCann and Stephanie Reid, NATIONAL Public Relations
Sponsored By: Trillium Chapter, CSAE

We've never been more challenged to trust messages in our society. The constant content deluge, addiction to media, and industries in constant transformation have led to a near-constant state of distrust, skepticism, and polarization. Connected groups have never had a greater opportunity to rise to the occasion and be the answer for this state of disenchantment. Associations can and must engage with new tactics, new measurement, and nurture new trust with a distracted and distressed membership. Join National Public Relations in a session that will cover digital trends, the state of trust, communications and engagement strategies for associations.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Identification of new communication opportunities for individual associations.
2. Education on new digital trends, relevant to associations.
3. Introduction to new engagement strategies and inspiration on how to refine existing strategy.


Leveraging Technology and Innovation in a Changing Not-for-Profit Environment

Presenters: Nancy Wallace-Gero and Julie LaSorda, Community Living Essex County
Sponsored By: CSAE Trillium Chapter

Join us for an in-depth and engaging look at Community Living Essex County’s recent modernization and change initiative. Hear from those who led their teams and large workforce through transformation by using creative problem solving tools, leveraging technology, and engaging those we serve, employees, families and supporters in the process. Come along on a video tour of how we’ve incorporated technology as a fundamental element of what we offer and how we work and take away some tips based on our experiences.  Learn about the impact of an innovative culture, take part in a poll to gauge whether your organization is on track in developing your innovative culture, and learn where to start when developing an environment that inspires creative thinking and encourages ideas to come from anywhere in the organization.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Explore the elements of successful change management in a not-for-profit environment.

2. Gather tools and technology applications that can increase efficiency, broaden your reach and further your work toward your mission.

3. Discover how to engage your workforce in change and create a culture of innovation.


Copyright Policies & Best Practices for Non-Profits

Presenter: Anne Godbout

Sponsored By: CSAE Trillium Chapter

Non-profit professionals work with intellectual property (IP) on a regular basis, whether it’s creating original content for their organizations, accessing and sharing published research, sourcing elements for marketing materials, creating courses, newsletters, websites, presentation decks or social media posts. 

Copyright considerations are easily overlooked in the rush to meet a deadline or please an important donor.  In our digitally networked world, incidents of copyright infringement are not only easier to commit, they can reach wider audiences faster than ever before.

Do you have a sound understanding of copyright?  Do you know the rights and obligations of your organization under copyright law?  Do you know where Open Access, Creative Commons or Public Domain fit in?  Are you aware of the legislative copyright exceptions that may be available?  And do your employees know what they need to know about copyright?  

Copyright law continues to evolve in response to technological and social change, meaning there is a fluid gap between what we are technically capable of doing with IP and what we ought to do with respect to copyright.  The effective management of copyright in your organization involves staying on top of new developments in the law and providing employees with practical, up-to-date guidance.

This may include incorporating a copyright policy into your organizational policies for employees to help ensure they fully understand their rights and obligations with respect to creating, accessing, storing, and distributing IP at work. 

Learning Outcomes:

1. Learn the basics of copyright law as they relate to the workplace

2. Explore the high-level best practices managing copyright at work

3. Discover the high-level process for incorporating a copyright policy into your organizational policies.


Digital Marketing Strategies and Legal Issues for Associations

Presenters: Steve Szentesi, Steve Szentesi Law Professional Corporation and Andrew Schiestel, tbk Creative
Sponsored By: Tourism London

This presentation will discuss key digital marketing strategies (and technologies) and related legal issues relevant to associations. 

In particular, we will discuss four digital marketing topics: (1) web design (best practices to achieve marketing goals, including building websites to be accessible for people with physical disabilities); (2) e-mail campaigns (how to build and manage a successful e-mail program); (3) content marketing (leveraging content-based strategies for better SEO and to better market an association and/or its associated members); and (4) some of the more modern forms of digital advertising products available. 

We will also discuss key digital marketing law issues that association marketers and their members need to know, priorities of Canadian enforcers and tips to minimize legal risks.  Topics may include general misleading advertising, price claims, online disclaimers, the Competition Act's electronic marketing sections, online reviews/testimonials and key disclosures for online contests.

While this session will not include an exhaustive CASL (anti-spam) discussion, tips will be provided on how CASL issues can arise in some types of digital promotions (i.e., we’ll flag situations when attendees may need to seek CASL specific advice for marketing).

This session will be practical and interactive combining both digital advertising strategies with key legal issues.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Review information about leading and emerging digital marketing technologies and products.

2. Explore key digital marketing law issues that can arise; learn how minimize digital marketing law related risks

3. Consider a practical summary of digital marketing related laws.


Building Board Relations for Effective Leadership

Presenter: Kathrina Loeffler, Facilitated Improvement for Corporate Success, Inc.
Sponsored By: Tourism London

Governing boards represent true collaborative leadership that must work together seamlessly to govern an organization effectively for sustainability and growth.  This interactive session will provide CEOs/EDs and or Board members with an understanding of the value of taking the time to develop board relationships to increase effective collaborative decision making.  During the session, participants will be walked through techniques to increase communications and clarify roles and responsibilities while simultaneously providing opportunities for directors to make deeper connections that allow for generative discussions at the board level.  Interspersed with brief presentations, the majority of this session will use experiential adult education techniques whereby participants will participate in café conversations that take them through authentic methods of connecting with each other to develop team effectiveness.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Increase board capacity to communicate as one voice

2. Increase board capacity to work in the generative mode

3. Increase board capacity to lead collaboratively


That's Your Problem

Presenter: Jennifer Spear, Clean Slate Strategies
Sponsored By: Tourism London

What if you could gather the best minds to help you solve your toughest challenges?

As an Executive, you are always faced with tough challenges and often with limited options of who you can turn to for advice or simply to talk it through, especially if your challenges relate to your staff, your members or your Board.

In this session, each participant will bring a specific challenge they are facing and the group will help solve it.  Working in small groups each person gets an opportunity to share their challenge and have the rest of the group focus on providing potential solutions and then in turn they also get to help the other members solve their challenges.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Each participant will benefit from the shared wisdom and discussion on each of the problems not just their own

2. Each participant will feel the reward of being of service to others and sharing their experience

3. A real problem will be solved

10:00 – 11:30

The Art & Science of Leveraging Relationships to Maximize Personal Potential, Productivity and Results.

Presenter: Michael Hughes, Networking for Results
Sponsored By: Tourism London

This highly interactive program examines how internal networks function and describes how to access and leverage their potential and power by building strong and meaningful relationships. This session is a complete strategy for corporate success, career advancement or getting more done through the corporate network.

  • Two types of corporate networks and how to use each.
  • Network Universal Laws and how to harness them to build an even stronger, more effective network.
  • Six secret relationship trigger points and how to use each to accelerate results.
  • Three practical strategies to instantly build better relationships.
  • Four-step corporate relationship-management action plan.

During this session, participants will discover how to mine and maximize every contact. As a result of participating in this program, they will have the ability to build even more productive and profitable relationships, while accelerating results.

NOTE: program includes real-time skill-building exercises as part of the program, allowing participants to immediately practice their newly-acquired relationship skills.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Discover how to mine and maximize every conference networking contact
2. Develop the ability to use conference connections to build more productive and profitable relationships
3. Receive networking skill building exercises you can put to work immediately

10:00 – 11:30

The Great Divide: Bridging the intergenerational gaps to fully engaged association volunteers

Presenters: Lori Gotlieb, Lori Gotlieb Consulting
Sponsored By: Tourism London

This workshop will look at volunteer succession planning by bridging the gap between millennial and boomer volunteers. By investigating and implementing innovative methods of engagement; your association can create programs that will facilitate the transfer of knowledge and experience between the leaders of today and the leaders of tomorrow by creating desirable, value added experiences to develop strong volunteer centred engagement programs that are aligned with the Canadian Code of Volunteer standards (CCVI) best practices.

We will look at successful case studies on how the Canadian Society of Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) developed programs of engagement for their millennial volunteers. This has been accomplished by engaging new graduates as subject matter experts (SME) in all committees and offering them the most desirable membership benefit; the opportunity to shape the future of their profession.

We will explore the CSMLS micro-volunteer opportunities, ambassador program, leaders of tomorrow program and inclusion and connect these successes to the development of a fully engaged volunteer program.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Identify millennial volunteers’ expectations
2. Identify value added volunteer experiences
3. Develop strong volunteer centred engagement programs for millennial volunteers


Digital Change Adapting to the Socially Connected World
Keynote: Kirstine Stewart
Sponsored by: The Lavin Agency

New media is inspiring new business models. And today’s leaders must be flexible and responsive to what’s here, and what’s on the horizon. Kirstine Stewart forged new digital ground as one of Twitter’s most valuable assets. First, she helped build the Canadian market during a massive global expansion strategy. Then, heading up US Media in NYC, she brought tremendous energy and perspective to an already innovative field, partnering with content creators and rights holders (such as media outlets and sports leagues) around major events like the Super Bowl and the 2016 US election. In both Canada and the US, she helped ensure that digital (think: that little hashtag at the bottom of your TV screen!) couldn’t be ignored. And she did this in her 40s, shattering the myth that social media—hubs like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Periscope, and more—are purely millennial domains Stewart gives a customizable, up-to-the-minute account of digital culture—and business. Whether offering insight into new methods of branding, how to disrupt, thrive alongside, and even revive traditional media, or speculating on the future of content consumption across channels, she’s a formidable keynote speaker with her fingers on the pulse of the shifting face of the digital landscape. Learn how the hub of instant communication and social media deals with change—and what you need to know to stay relevant, ethical, and viable today.


Stop talking about video and do it already!

Presenter: Warren Weeks, Weeks Media

If your organization is still sitting on the sidelines when it comes to creating and sharing video content, you’re missing out on one of the single most effective communication platforms available. Consider this:

  • Visual content is more than 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content (buffersocial)
  • 51% of marketing professionals say video is the type of content with the best ROI (Digital Marketing Blog - April 2015)

Video is where the eyeballs are. Even so, most associations have failed to make it part of their content strategy. In this session, we’ll debunk some of the more common barriers and provide a practical overview of equipment, dos and don’ts, tips for shooting, framing, lighting and sound, keys to visual storytelling, simple editing techniques and best practices for getting maximum engagement with your videos. Participants will also be treated to case studies, examples using more than a dozen short videos and a Q&A session.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Appreciate the importance of adding video marketing to their overall marketing mix and how to get started inexpensively.

2. Learn how to plan, create, upload and share a quality video that tells a compelling story and complements their marketing objectives.

3. Examine how to get the maximum engagement (using social media) once those videos have been created.


Spark Engagement: Conversations Makes Brands Sticky

Presenter: Jeremy Miller, Sticky Branding

The five best words you can hear a member say are, "That's interesting. Tell me more."

When you get members to say,  "That's interesting. Tell me more." you've caught their attention. They're listening. They're responding. They're having a conversation. And this is powerful.

Conversations make your brand sticky.

Every association has an opportunity to engage its members in conversation, but few do. Some are too busy to slow down to have a dialogue, and some don't know where to start.

A conversation may be the most powerful marketing tool in your toolbox, because it’s the most effective way to form a relationship with both members and non-members alike. This is what you need to attract and retain members, and grow a vibrant association brand.

In this interactive session, you will discover how to create Brand Storylines that spark engagement. You will learn how to engage your membership early and often.

Get your members talking about your brand. Get them to say, “That’s interesting. Tell me more.”

Learning Outcomes:

1. How to get people to say, "That's interesting. Tell me more".
2. Create Brand Storylines to engage members, prospects, and influencers alike.
3. How to test your Brand Storylines, and determine which ones resonate with members.

14:51 – 15:45

Coaching for Enhanced Performance

Presenter: Maureen R Gillis, CPA CA

The presentation will focus on three inter-related topics in human resource management:

  1. Motivation,
  2. Performance management, and
  3. Coaching for enhanced performance.

This presentation will summarize and highlight key opportunities and strategies for each topic with a goal of focusing on enhanced performance of our human resources.

Motivation underlies all human performance and leaders can implement particular strategies to get the most from their employees and/or volunteers; the superstars, the reliable players, and the under-performers.

Participants will leave the session with a plan to support enhance performance for a member of their team.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Understand what researchers have learned with respect to the motivation of knowledge workers
2. Explore the challenges associated with motivating employees
3. Learn a simple yet effective framework for coaching people and Identify strategies to support application of the learning in the participants current role post-conference


The Next Rules of Association Value Creation

Presenter: Jeff De Cagna, FRSA, FASAE, Foresight First LLC

To build their organizations to thrive in the years ahead, association staff decision-makers must think beyond the limits of membership and develop the ability to create other forms of distinctive value in collaboration with their stakeholders. The value creation process is about discovering actionable insights that can help answer three fundamental questions:

  • What are our stakeholders' problems, needs and outcomes?
  • What value elements matter most to our stakeholders?
  • What new solutions, services and support can we co-create with our stakeholders?

In this high impact session, participants will learn the next rules of association value creation and will emerge with an action strategy for getting to the answers they need in concert with the stakeholders they serve.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Explain why associations must think beyond membership and focus on new value creation.

2. Understand the next rules of value creation and their implications for the work of associations.

3. Apply the next rules of value creation to their organizations and their stakeholders.


Living The Zero Limit Attitude
Keynote: Martin Latulippe

Sponsored by: The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Speaking Hall of Fame

More inspiration, more influence and more impact

In our contemporary business world, leaders have to deal with many new realities and challenges on all aspects: organizational, economical, professional and personal, as well as tackling the whole process under various new laws and regulations.

Competition, new trends, restructuring and higher reaching objectives continually press entrepreneurs to constantly reinvent themselves and perform at the highest standards of excellence.  Unequivocally a daunting challenge!   With this remarkably dynamic, ludicrous and formative presentation, Martin Latulippe will inspire your leaders to overstep comfort and transcend into excellence.

The journey to always be more IMPACTFUL, is based on concrete, relatable and touching examples; practical tools and funny stories that will inspire and guide you through the change process with the most well designed, structured and psychologically powerful success principles that can be applied on a day-to-day basis. 

Thursday, October 26, 2017


Set Your GPS for Success
Keynote: Wayne Lee
Sponsored by: Speakers' Spotlight

Wayne Lee helps you access and harness the power of your GPS (Great Programmable Subconscious) for optimal performance at work and at home. Wayne shows you how to Fix your Focus and reveals what is possible when you program your GPS for success. Deeply engaging, always down-to-earth, Wayne Lee delivers life-changing content and an exhilarating, one-of-a-kind experience. This presentation is highlighted by the 1, 2, 3 PUNCH… In this unforgettable interactive hypnosis presentation, Wayne peels back the layers of his hypnosis show and teaches you some positive programming tools to optimize performance at work and at home. You will learn one specific strategy that you can use immediately to overcome stress, change limiting beliefs and perform better.

14:15 – 15:45

Digital Disruptor or Digitally Disrupted?

Presenter: Ashish Malik, 108 ideaspace

Digital transformation isn't just a question of a new website or database; and it certainly isn't more Tweeting, Facebooking, or YouTube videos. (Hint: look at today's digital disruptors: Uber, AirBNB, Amazon, and iTunes.) What lessons can be learned by today's association leaders? How might a change in approach, business model, or process help you compete against "free"? And how can you get ahead of the curve before others get there before you?

Learning Outcomes:
1. Discover seven business models and paradigm shift strategies.
2. Learn defensive strategies if you're being "uberized" - or think you might be.
3. Create ways to launch ideas and change strategies.

14:15 – 15:45

Effective Meetings

Presenter: Rhonda Scharf, CSP, ON THE RIGHT TRACK - Training & Consulting Inc.

Meetings… are they a waste of time, or do they help accomplish goals?

Teams need to meet regularly (if not frequently). Effective teams are essential to your success, and great leaders need to run effective team meetings. But not just any kind of meeting (those check-box meetings to say we had one), but meetings so the team can incorporate the best practices of effective team meetings.

To effectively engage your team and lead them to high performance, both team leaders and members need to equip themselves with the right skills and tools. This program is designed to give you the tools you need to conduct team meetings, build team interaction, and improve team dynamics.

Learn a simple three-step format for your meetings; proven practices to improve team communication; tips to planning and facilitating effective team meetings; the Top 10 must do for your effective team meeting; Rules your meeting must follow so your meeting doesn’t get off track; the importance of an effective agenda (and how to create one); team decisions – which is best; get your meeting scorecard. How does your meeting rate?

Learning Outcomes:
1. Review tips to planning and facilitating effective team meetings
2. The Top 10 “Must Do” for your effective team meeting
3. Rules your meeting must follow so your meeting does’t get off track

14:15 – 15:45

Hopping Over Sponsorship Traps (and saving a ton of time and money)

Presenter: Marion Grobb Finkelstein, MarionSpeaks

Getting a sponsorship program up and running is a tough challenge. Knowing what traps to avoid will save you time, money and tons of frustration. Instead of floundering and flopping, avoid the most common landmines and pitfalls of sponsorship programs.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Build a sponsorship program that doesn't allow for "ambush marketing" and keeps your sponsors returning for more;
2. Save time and money on launching your sponsorship program instead of correcting mistakes;
3. Obtain practical, hands-on, real solutions to traps that will undermine and doom your sponsorship program

14:15 – 15:45

Using Journey Mapping to Understand your Members

Presenter: Korinne Collins, Canadian Credit Union Association

Journey mapping is a method that creates a geographical representation of the process a client goes through in order to obtain a product or service. It is often used by marketing teams to understand client interactions with the organization to improve the client experience.

The team at the Canadian Credit Union Association used journey mapping to understand the journey that various clients would experience when searching, registering and signing up for activities offered by the association. What we uncovered surprised us. We were able to identify member pain points, enabling us to prioritize initiatives that would positively impact the member experience.

This approach can form part of your member acquisition and retention strategy. In this session, you will learn more about journey mapping and how it can help you find efficiencies in your association and add more value to your members.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Appreciate the usage of journey mapping to refine your processes
2. Identify how to create a journey map and how it can be useful for your association
3. Conduct a journey map exercise

14:15 – 15:45

A Managers Guide to Detoxing a Negative Workplace: Eliminating Gossip, Bullying and Disruptive Behavior

Presenter: Bruce Lee, BL Productivity Resources

The problem in the workforce starts when managers inadvertently reward negative and destructive behaviors. Bad attitudes, jealousy, and disruptive behavior will sabotage employee morale, lower their self-esteem, reducing teamwork and productivity. When toxic behavior infects any organization, at any level, while managers may be tempted to ignore it or give in, that is the wrong thing to do - simple tolerating it is not a solution!

Learning Outcomes:
1. Identify the four types of problem employees that create all the challenges you have and why people want to ‘push your buttons’ by their off-side and inappropriate comments.
2. Learn how to turn around the gossip, gab and the grapevine to create more empowered employees and how to tell when someone is lying to you and how to confront them on it.
3. Review all the forms of bullying and harassment there are that you need to control and the unwritten rules that become the negative culture you have to discipline.

16:00 – 17:30

Building a "Foresight First" Board of Directors

Presenter: Jeff De Cagna FRSA FASAE, Foresight First LLC

Boards have a limited number of hours to perform their critical work, and directors have a finite amount of time, energy and attention to devote to their governing roles. The disruptive challenges created by relentless societal transformation demand that associations invest these precious intangible resources with great care today and in the years ahead.

This high impact presentation will explore how association boards can design the future of governing by adopting a "foresight first" orientation to the work. Retreat participants will examine why foresight is so crucial to building thrivable associations, nurture their understanding of the intimate connection between stewardship and foresight and learn specific actions and approaches their boards can adopt to develop a consistent and sustainable practice of foresight.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Explain why our long-standing view of governing must be reconsidered in a world experiencing relentless transformation.
2. Understand why a "foresight first" is the best option for associations trying to navigate their way through the disruption created by societal transformation.
3. Act to build board performance by shifting the focus of governing toward the work of foresight.

16:00 – 17:30

Buckle Up!: You are About to Enter a Hybrid Event Strategy Crash Course

Presenter: Steph Pfeilsticker Hybrid Events Authority, LLC

You are going to need your seat belt firmly secured for this drive through a Hybrid Event Strategy Crash Course. Join Steph Pfeilsticker as she guides you through what you need to know to plan a hybrid event. Based on her comprehensive hybrid event planning series, she is packing the best of the best to deliver you the content you need to know to be successful. Technology will be covered as well as what roles you need on your hybrid team. Learn best practices on marketing your event, ensuring attendee engagement and solid content management. Do you know that our industry is on the verge of an upsurge in requests for hybrid events? If you haven’t already been asked to add a virtual stream to your physical event, you will very soon. Here is the time-tested tools to succeed in your first hybrid event.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Discover how implementing a hybrid conference would benefit your organization.
2. Recognize the process involved to convert a virtual attendee to a member.
3. Realize how other associations succeeded by implementing hybrid meetings.

16:00 – 17:30

Social Enterprise - The Shorefast Experience

Presenters: Adam Aptowitzer, and Diane Hodgins, Shorefast Foundation

The Shorefast Foundation is involved in a number of social enterprise endeavours. The biggest and most well known is the Fogo Island Inn which is designed to improve the economic conditions of those living on Fogo Island by attracting high net worth individuals to this economically depressed area.

This presentation will discuss the internal strategizing, issues management and concerns raised in pursuing both large and small social enterprise ventures. At the same time the various structural and legal issues will be exposed and discussed.

Learning Outcomes:
1. The benefits and pitfalls of Social Enterprise;
2. Managing a social enterprise project; and
3. Understanding some of the technical aspects of social enterprise

16:00 – 17:30

The Unwritten Rules of Media Interviews: What You Need to Know Before You Meet the Press

Presenter: Warren Weeks, Weeks Media

The majority of executives lack the background, insights and practical skills required to excel in a media interview, whether it's an interview about an issue, a crisis, or a positive news story. This is a huge professional blind spot – not only for their careers, but also for their associations. Many executives think reporters are 'out to get them'. On the contrary - most of the mistakes and missteps spokespeople make with the media are the result of treating interviews like conversations. In this session, Canada's top media trainer will help rewire attendees' brains to teach them how to deal with the media more confidently and successfully to serve the best interests of their associations, their employees, their members and their careers. The session will also include a simulated interview featuring a volunteer from the audience at the front of the room using the techniques from the session.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Prepare much more effectively prior to a media interview
2. Generate more predictable media coverage on behalf of their associations
3. Approach media interviews with much more confidence, purpose and discipline, resulting in superior coverage

Friday , October 27, 2017

9:00 – 10:30

New Frontiers in Obtaining Valuable Member Insights: Online Focus Groups: A Case Study

Presenters: Gerald Bramm, Bramm Research, Michael Grant, Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science

In the winter of 2016, Bramm Research and the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) worked together to test the online focus group methodology. This presentation will outline our process in selecting this specific technique, the topic areas that were discussed, the advantages and disadvantages of this approach and when to use this methodology.

Many associations are using traditional online surveys to gather information from their members. While this approach has its place, it does a poor job at providing a detailed understanding of topics that require a thoughtful response or may be sensitive in nature.

Traditionally focus groups have been used to address this challenge. But focus groups have a number of limitations including cost and lack of representation.

Using a case study approach, this presentation will provide a detailed examination of a hybrid methodology for conducting in-depth (and economical) research i.e. the online focus group.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Attendees will learn about the differences between quantitative (e.g. large online surveys) and qualitative research techniques (e.g. online focus groups). How and when to use these techniques.
2. They will learn specifically about online focus groups and how this method can be used to address issues their association and its members might be facing.
3. They will gain experience in putting together a draft discussion outline that could be used in conducting an online discussion group for their association.

9:00 – 10:30

From Lack and Waste to Leadership and Results!

Presenter: Pat Mussieux, Steps2Happiness, Inc.

This interactive and engaging session shows leaders how to move from lack and waste to leadership and results. Business, organizations and employees get better when leaders get better. Leaders try to make their organizations better without making anything else better - they're trying to figure out where to spend the money, spend their time, train their employees - it's always about the 'outside'.

We all make decisions to be successful - yet we rarely end up with the success that we decide we want. Why is that? It comes down to two words: lack and waste - wasted time, dollars, effort and knowledge. And lack - lack of action, focus, commitment and willingness - willingness to do whatever it takes!

Business and organizations change from the inside out - not the outside in - YOU change from the inside out, not the outside in.

In this presentation, Pat will take you through the simple steps to move from lack and waste to leadership and results - simple steps that you can implement TODAY to effect change and achieve the results you envision. It all comes down to choice - and so, do you choose to listen and learn today?

Learning Outcomes:
1. Learn the #1 success habit of effective leaders
2. Identify the 7 major barriers to leading happy and engaged teams
3. Simple, relevant, measurable action steps to help you do whatever it takes to thrive in today's economy

9:00 – 10:30

Association Leadership: Walking the Tightrope and Enjoying the View

Presenter: Nancy Barrett CAE, Association Management Consulting and Evaluation Services (AMCES)

Serving as the Chief Staff Officer (CSO) of an association is both a rewarding and challenging career. CSOs possess a unique vision of the whole of an association; an understanding of how all the parts fit together and work in relation to one another. While this requires cultivating relationships with a variety of stakeholders (Board, the industry/profession and staff), balancing the needs of the various stakeholders can be like walking a tightrope and it can sometimes be “lonely at the top”. The purpose of this session is to provide an opportunity for participants to discuss and share strategies to achieve this balance and find meaning and satisfaction in the process.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Increase awareness of both the challenges and strategies used by their peers.
2. Gain a better understanding of what you can do personally to achieve balance and find meaning in their role. In doing so, you will be better positioned to create an environment in your organizations in which all stakeholders can flourish.
3. Expand your professional networks.

9:00 – 10:30

Round Table Idea Exchange

Session Description
This plenary session seamlessly blends networking and learning into one loud, engaging and memorable event. Featuring 9 speakers simultaneously delivering talks on a wide variety of subjects, the CSAE Round Table Idea Exchange will offer something for everyone. Whether you’re a vendor hoping to improve their sales in the association sector, a seasoned veteran of not-for-profit management, or a novice employee trying to better understand your new sector, the Round Table Idea Exchange will have something for you.

Delegates will have the opportunity to participate in three distinct sessions during this 90 minute event as they select topics from a menu of case studies, best practices, top ten strategies, Q&A sessions and much more. You will get their most pressing questions answered, make new connections, discover new solutions, and explore the wealth of knowledge of your association peers and experts alike.

How does it work?
The menu of topics are listed below. Participants select the topics most relevant to them. All tables will be numbered and speakers are stationary at their numbered table. The entire event is 90 minutes long and individual sessions are 25 minutes long. This session is moderated by Jennifer Spear.

Table 1: Moving From Contact to Collaboration: Leveraging Conference Contacts to Maximize Personal Potential, Productivity and Results

Presenter: Michael Hughes, Networking for Results

One of the most powerful conference resources lies in those seemingly-random conversations that occur as part of its activities. Yet most conference conversations end with a vague promise to re-connect that dissipates quickly, like an early morning fog.

The hard reality is that relationships take time, need to be nurtured and require investment. They evolve through consistent, pro-active effort in four little-known areas that drive the relationship process.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Address the most common mistakes that impede the ability to convert conference contacts into collaborative relationships
2. Accelerate relationship-building
3. Explore the secret keys that supply a practical, proven post-conference relationship

Table 2: Stepping Outside the Box: Creative Content

Presenter: Steven Trustrum, CSAE

While focusing on the vital need of their online content to deliver information, associations and professional organizations often lose sight of the equally important need to engage their audience. As a result, the message falls flat or is overlooked amongst the “noise” of every other email blast, newsletter, blog, and social media post the audience is subjected to every day.

Engaging the audience in a way that gets your organization’s message noticed is critical for success. Content creators need to find ways to be creative and stand out when it comes to their content creation while retaining professionalism.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Identify what is not working for your content and how it needs to change.
2. Develop a creative voice your audience can relate to.
3. Learn to experiment with pushing boundaries without breaking them.

Table 3: Empower your Association with Google Apps for Non Profits

Presenter: Collin Richard, Motorcycle & Moped Industry Council, Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council

Associations should be the epicentre (and enabler) of thought leadership for their members. Google Apps for Non-Profits provides free, powerful tools that your association can use to enhance productivity and overall communications within your organisation. Learn how you can use the powerful Google applications suite, create thousands of free e-mail accounts, leverage complimentary cloud drive services and even get access to $10,000 per month in in-kind free Google Ad-Words advertising to promote your organisations causes through Google-Ad-Grants.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Learn about the Google for Non-Profits program - how to sign up, Google Suites, Google Adwords and Google's Youtube Non-profit Program
2. Become acquainted with some of the unique features of Google Suites including collaborating and backing up your data via Google cloud drive, mobile device protection and using hangouts to hold your conference calls free-of-charge.
3. Discover the $10,000 per month in in-kind AdWords’ advertising and different approaches to using it to benefit your organisation. Become aware that you can use Google's Youtube Non-profit Program to solicit donations from your viewers right on YouTube and how to do this.

Table 4: Launching an Online Community: The Secret Sauce

Presenter: Arianna Rehak, Association Success Org

Increasingly, associations are making use of online communities as a way of connecting members and fostering deep engagement. However, for many, results have been lackluster. Simply providing the platform is not enough to foster this engagement. This presentation will provide a strategic framework for planning, launching, and growing a successful online community.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Assess whether or not it is advantageous for your association to invest in an online community.
2. Prepare and market your launch.
3. Nurture sustained growth with the goal of reaching "critical mass".

Table 5: Communicate like a Leader

Presenter: Marion Grobb Finkelstein, MarionSpeaks

Your Association has many leaders, whether it's an executive or board member, or the members themselves. But what distinguished how a leader communicates from others? How do leaders communicate good news and bad? What separates them from the pack? You'll find out in this session and you'll discover if you have what it takes to communicate like a leader.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Increase your confidence in communicating one-to-one or to the masses;
2. Receive hands-on tips to communicate good news ... and bad
3. Use the strategies that will distinguish you as a leader and get recognized for your contributions

Table 6: Cost-effective lobbying

Presenter: Craig Ennis, Atlantic Lottery

The presentation will cover three main sub-topics, giving practical tips and advice and helping attendees answer questions they may have around:

  1. who is the ideal person to serve as the key lobbyist/advocate for its organization
  2. how to build a support team (committee, etc) that provides insight and oversight for the key advocate
  3. how to structure advocacy/lobbying discussions at the committee/decision-making table to effectively and efficiently determine priorities and the organizational position on those priorities.

The content will be structured, but discussion will be informal and focused on solving problems or identifying opportunities the attendees have in their work lives.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Learn how to influence the public environment to make your association's messages better resonate;
2. Identify your existing lobbying skills and skill gaps;
3. Develop techniques to undertake your own lobbying efforts.

Table 7: Leveraging Volunteer Assets & Addressing Fatal Flaws

Presenter: Dana Cooper, AMCES

Volunteers are the life blood of Associations and one of the biggest challenges for Association Executives and staff. Our success as Association Executives is contingent upon our ability to effectively work with and build relations with volunteers. We need to learn how to lead from behind and provide the necessary guidance to effectively and efficiently direct the organization and accomplish objectives.

While Association Executives are dedicated to facilitating the success of the individuals/professions/trades/causes the Association exists to serve, frequently it is the volunteers that stand in the way of success. There are a number of “Fatal Flaws” present in our Association structures related to volunteers and their ability to navigate needs and contribute effectively.

This session will identify the trends and common issues associated with volunteer leadership, or as I call them, the “Fatal Flaws” that Associations must navigate regularly. We want to discuss ways on how we can improve accountability of the volunteer contingent, particularly as our Associations become more diverse. Additionally, a key area that comes out of surveying Association Executives on challenges in working with volunteers is the need to improve engagement and participation.

Again this varies by demographics, psychographics and other factors. We will identify approaches to build organizational energy and improve volunteer engagement. Finally, we want to leverage volunteer assets by building volunteer capacity. Through interaction and brainstorming, we will create strategies to try to grow the 10-15% of members that typically volunteer.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Identify the “Fatal Flaws” of Associations and how to manage them as they relate to volunteers
2. Discover how to build organizational energy to improve volunteer engagement & participation
3. Learn the steps associated with building volunteer capacity

Table 8: The Power of Trust For The Engaged Association

Presenter: Bruce Lee, BL Productivity Resources

This session will assist delegates to discover the real power behind trust that accelerates engagement, fosters productivity and supports your community reputation.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Identify the five most effective leadership skills necessary to engage your staff in creating a dynamic and empowering workplace or organization to position it for long-term stability and growth. 
2. Understand the impact that trust or the lack of trust, has on your staff, your members, the community reputation and ultimately, your organization's success. 
3. Learn the three key drivers to engagement and personal growth, called “S.A.M.”, that improves individual productivity, retention, and morale.


Table 9: That’s What You Think: Challenge Your Assumptions about Associations

Presenter: Jennifer Spear

Assumptions underlie everything that we do and can be holding us back, but if identified and challenged they can also be our greatest source for inspiration, innovation & growth. You will collaborate with your peers as you are challenged to think about your work differently, challenge your assumptions about Associations, and generate solutions that can be implemented immediately.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Recognize importance of assumptions and how they can be our greatest obstacles and also our greatest sources for innovation & growth.
2. Be introduced to a new tool & technique that you can bring back to your organization that can reliably produce results.
3. Collaborate with your peers to generate solutions to a common problem.

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