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Session Details

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Growth Conference Experience:
Nuturing Your Association's Growth Orientation

Presenter: Jeff De Cagna, Principled Innovation, LLC

Sponsored by: CSAE Trillium Chapter

Regardless of the form it takes, growth is an outcome, not a strategy. With that in mind, associations must be intentional in their pursuit of growth. That demands a strong organizational perspective on how to achieve it, as well as the implementation of effective practices for making it happen consistently.

In this intensive learning session, participants will come to better understand the underlying dynamics of growth for 21st century associations, and will consider the critical strategic mindsets that will help them inculcate a sustainable growth orientation into their organizations.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Explain the challenges and opportunities of growth for 21st century associations.
2. Develop the association's growth orientation to share with other key decision-makers.
3. Build a meaningful organizational capacity for sustainable growth over time.

Social Enterprise - Rethinking Your Organization Structure
Presenters: Sophie Doukas and Dale Varney, Grant Thornton LLP, Robert Ramsay, Motorcycle and Moped Industry Council, Susan Manwaring, Miller Thompson, LLP and Sheryl Ross, MBA, CPA, CMA, Restaurants Canada

Sponsored by: Niagara Falls Tourism

The panel will look at structural and pre-operational considerations including:

• What planning issues should be considered when establishing a social enterprise?

• How should the Board think about business risks?

• How can a social enterprise be structured including the pros and cons of each?

• What tax compliance risks must be considered?

• What are some of the challenges faced by social enterprise, and

• How can/should a social enterprise be controlled?

The panel will also look at post implementation guidance including :

• What are the fiduciary duties of the Board in the context of a social enterprise?

• What qualifications or skills should Board members have?

• Paid vs. volunteer staff?

• What training should a social enterprise provide to Board members and employees?

• How can an organization measure the success of a social enterprise?

• How can an organization ensure that the social enterprise maintain its focus?

• What are the reporting requirements? How should the social enterprise be communicated to the organization’s stakeholders?

Plenty of time will be set aside for questions, comments and further discussions based on the attendees' interests.

Learning Outcomes:

This panel discussion session on "Social Enterprise - Rethinking Your Organization Structure" has the following learning objectives

1. To provide attendees with insight into various structures available
2. To address why an association would consider the various structures, and
3. To provide some of the pros and cons of creating such structures.

Forget Social Media: 20 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Invest a Penny In It
Presenter: Randall Craig, 108 ideaspace inc.

Sponsored by: Niagara Falls Tourism

Too often organizations jump on the Social Media bandwagon, only to find out that it is a waste of time and that viral, community, engagement and ROI are buzzwords at best. Social Media advice is often contradictory, out of date, self-serving and more relevant for companies than Associations. And surely there are better strategic investments that can be made before you even think of starting with Social Media? This contrarian session cuts through the smoke and examines the "fire" behind Social Media. Leave with specific, practical things to do... and a list of activities that make no sense at all and should be stopped.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Consider why jumping into Social Media may be the worst marketing decision you ever made - and what you should do about it.
2. Review five key questions before even thinking of a Social Media investment - and seven before-Social-Media-do-ths-first activities.
3. Examine why Likes, Comments, and Shares are over-valued... and a better approach to measurement and ROI.

Succeeding at Succession
Presenters: Alan Ward, The Portage Group

3 hour session
Sponsored by: Niagara Falls Tourism

For an organization to thrive, its leaders must continually assess the elements of its success. Often, the spotlight is directed at the next big opportunity and how best to capitalize on it or market it. A mindset evolves: success builds upon success. There can be an assumption that effective leadership and breakthrough performance will, somehow, always be at hand. This can be a dangerous assumption.

Succession planning (and talent management in general) is a hand often underplayed. It takes managers out of their comfort zone. It is easily shifted to status of HR process. It becomes compliance driven. What is missing is the recognition that succession planning is a critical organizational process, and that it must be actively owned and managed by the organization's leaders.

Learning Outcomes:

The learning outcomes will include developing actionable insights to:

1. Explore the need for a business case;
2. Determine the relationship between succession planning and the external environment;
3. Consider why key positions are so critical to the organization; why past performance is never enough; how to assess potential for higher performance; and how to build sustainable development plans

Partners in Event Excellence: Exploring Opportunities for Strategic Cooperation in Optimizing the Meeting Experience
Moderator: Rod Cameron, Convention Centres of Canada with Marcia Lyons, CTCC , Nina KresslerShaw Centre, John Hoyles, CAE, LLB, Canadian Bar Association, and Michelle Gravelle, Canadian Medical Association
Sponsored by: Niagara Falls Tourism

A key topic for discussions between associations and suppliers at recent industry events has been the importance of better mutual understanding of the issues and challenges facing both groups as a result of a range of factors from financial/ staffing constraints to new technologies to evolving meeting formats and requirements. In response, this session would take advantage of the rare opportunity presented by co-location of the CSAE and Convention Centres of Canada  conferences to exchange information on key challenges and explore new opportunities to work more effectively together in delivering a superior event experience to delegates.

Topics include:

  •  Managing service and space delivery; how to adapt to the implications of last-minute space changes and the sales / event manager / billing interface?
  • Technology: expectations vs. delivery; what do association organizers want now and in the immediate future vs. what centres are able to supply and how does it all get paid for
  •  F+B: Demand trends as centres see this evolving and what organizers would like to see more of, all based on who delivers and how to make it affordable
  • Changing business practices: How can factors such as shrinking booking windows, expectations for subventions and the increasing involvement of intermediaries best be accommodated.

Learning Outcomes:
1.       Expand your understanding of the issues and constraints faced by both parties in delivering the overall event experience
2.       Discuss a range of potential solutions to specific, common and emerging challenges involved in delivering today’s event experience
3.       Areas for action (education, procedures, negotiation factors) identified that could be followed up on by both groups as part of subsequent activities

What Can CASE Do For You?
Presenter: Sheila Mires, CAE, CMP, PCMA

Powered by: PCMA

Every sales person wants an inside track to quality relationships and leads, as well as to become every association's go-to resource. Join Dawn McEvoy, Director of Education at PCMA to hear how the Certified Association Sales Executive course can help you build long-term relationships with key association executives and spend less time running through your pipeline. 

Learning Outcomes:

1. List of the topics covered in the CASE program
2. Discuss how each topic arms you with the tools to become a partner, not just a vendor
3. Explore how to CASE program can position you for career advancement

Growth Conference Experience:
The Consumer Culture Invasion: The New Member Value Proposition?
 Presenter: Erin Roberts, Zzeem

Sponsored by: CSAE Trillium Chapter

The new reality of membership is that our members are consumers. As executives, staff and directors, we must focus both the mindset and service delivery model of the association to serve a transaction-oriented consumer mentality while retaining the feeling of belonging that supports member engagement and retention.

Pundits tell us the membership model is dead. Nobody will pay for resources and information when they can get it for free in the internet. They also tell us that young professionals prefer to sit in a closet and text each other rather than interact face-to-face. Poppycock.

While it's true the world has changed, as it always does, membership organizations continue to thrive in Canada and around the world. The successful membership organizations combine the attributes of a welcoming club of peers with a business-focused consumer service delivery model and mindset.

This workshop addresses the challenge and opportunity of attracting and retaining members in a consumer oriented culture.

In this interactive workshop you'll learn what thriving organizations are doing in five key areas:

· Staff culture and compensation

· Finance

· Board education

· Sales and marketing

· Service delivery

Learning Outcomes:

1. Discover how a membership organization can serve a transaction-oriented consumer mentality and still retain the feeling of belonging that supports member engagement and retention.
2. Explore how we hire, train and compensate staff to deliver on these often conflicting objectives.
3. Determine what we need from the Board in terms of vision and strategy.

Embracing the CEO Evaluation
Presenter: Bradley Chisholm, WATSON INC

Founded on the three tenets of Governing with Intention™ - Purpose - Belief - Design, the presentation will look at the recent trend of CEO evaluation and why boards need to take it seriously.  We will engage participants to discuss some of their experiences and fears about CEO evaluations.  We will discuss common pitfalls and points of caution.  Finally we will discuss some of the key practical elements to designing a CEO evaluation process that benefits both the Board and the CEO.

Learning Outcomes

1. Understand why CEO evaluation is important.
2. Review common pitfalls to avoid.
3. Determine the key elements to pay attention to when designing a CEO evaluation.

CAE Case Studies
Panellists: Christine Charnock, CAE, Canadian Rheumatology Association, Robert Dalton, CAE, Optitians Association of Canada & John Devitt

Join graduates of CSAE’s Certified Association Executive® (CAE) program to explore some of their success stories and the lessons they’ve learned as leaders in the association sector. Our panel of 3 graduates will share case studies of projects they’ve realized within their own associations, what worked and what didn’t, and how the knowledge they acquired in the CAE program helped shape their behaviour and/or actions.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Learn from senior association executives about their experiences with governance, succession planning, communications strategies and annual event organization
2. Discover implementation pitfalls and how they were dealt with
3. Explore the lessons past students learned and how the CAE courses affected their behaviour

Professional Ethics: A Preventive Maintenance Approach
Presenter: Christopher Bauer, Bauer Ethics Seminars

This won't be a review of the ethics code, case studies or case law! Instead it will be a unique program designed to help assure that you and your entire organization are able to more easily "walk the talk" of great ethics. This often-humorous program will show us ethics risks we never even knew we had and what can be done right now to make sure those risks don't turn into costly ethics and legal problems on the job. You will also learn how even a slightly changed focus on ethics can significantly build your organization's bottom line. Ethics and fun aren't word you normally hear in the same sentence. However, Dr. Bauer has been making professional ethics both straightforward and fun for international audiences for more than 25 years. He will present ethics differently than you have probably ever experienced them before. The tone will be conversational and the ideas immediately applicable. You will leave with easy practical ideas and tools to reduce your risk for ethics difficulties while simultaneously reducing the risk of your colleagues, coworkers and entire organization.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Identify at least four common but often unseen or ignored 'red flags' for ethics risks.
2. Identify a minimum of two previously unseen personal risk factors for ethics lapses, and be able to reduce the potential negative impact of those risks.
3. Articulate both the strategic and financial value of developing and maintaining effective ethics and values training for all employees

UnScripted Business: How Business Members Can Remain Relevant to Associations
Presenter: Jennifer Spear, Clean Slate Strategies

The only thing we can plan for today is that things are going to change, and the pace is accelerating.  Your clients are facing new challenges and therefore need new things from your company, are you ready…?   

The traditional model of the Association is being challenged, their Members’ needs have changed and Associations need to be able to go off the plans of the past in order to meet their new needs. This means that you also need to challenge the scripts that you have been following and write new scripts in order to remain relevant to your clients.

You will be introduced to The UnScripted Mindset that will allow you to face uncertainty and ambiguity and create opportunity.  It will allow you & your organization to not only adapt to change, but to take advantage of change and innovate without fear. Based on the principles of improv and problem solving it will allow you to Think Faster, Lead Smarter and Manage in the Moment as you address your clients’ changing needs.

Learning Outcomes:

Harness the power of working & leading using the UnScripted Mindset in order to remain relevant to your clients
Leverage the critical skills of successful improvisers to think on your feet, collaborate, communicate, negotiate, engage & develop trust and support
Practice tools and techniques to manage the UnExpected, the UnPredictable and the UnAvoidable
Laugh while you Learn Tools & Techniques that can be applied immediately in your work

E-Tools and Revenue Generation: Taking them from Cost Centres to Revenue
Presenter: Marie-Louise Doyle,  Myeventapps
Sponsored by:  Tourism Winnipeg

As defined by the Chegg Study: "A concept in managerial accounting, cost centres are a method of measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of managers tasked with decision making for their business unit. Not all units of a business have the capacity to generate profit, but instead some support vital functions that incur costs for a business — for example, the transportation department in a hospital." Come and learn why this statement is false! Yes false! Whether you are just entering the association management arena or you are a seasoned pro, join me as we delve into the dollars and sense of turning potential event/management e-tools into revenue generators.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Identify relevant potential conference/event e-tools (ie on-line registration software; abstract software; presentation software; apps; e-games)
2. Take your e-tools from cost centres to revenue generators
3. Use e-tool analytics to keep ‘em coming back 

Building on Trust to Engage and Retain Members
Presenter: Lea Brovedani, Sagacity Consulting
Sponsored by: Tourism Winnipeg

Lea helps you unravel the complexities of trustworthy behavior and shows you how to increase trust for noticeable results. High trust organizations outperform low or even average organizations by up to 200%. If trust ceases to exist then relationships falter, businesses stall and health suffers. Lea, through entertaining stories and examples and using experiential exercises shows how to increase trust from where ever it currently exists.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Recognize when trust is a key issue for moving forward in a business or personal transaction and build more trust within yourself so you aren't second guessing all of your decisions.
2. Learn 5 ways to build trust.
3. Discover the obstacles to building trust and how to overcome them as well as explore how to rebuild trust once it has been damaged and to recognize when trust cannot be rebuilt.

Growth Conference Experience:
Association Revenue Diversity - Practical Pathways
Presenter: Jacqui Mendes, BC Non-Profit Housing Association
Sponsored by: CSAE Trillium Chapter

Associations are increasingly looking for creative and innovative ways to diversify revenue whilst continuing to service their membership appropriately, and not undergo mandate drift.  Member dues can no longer be relied upon as an association's primary revenue source in an increasing competitive and global online environment. 

This session will outline vision-driven revenue generation options that have been tested, proved to work, and demonstrate lived experience of how change and flexibility can have a significant impact on association growth.  We will share the transformation story of the BC Non-Profit Housing Association (BCNPHA), its revenue diversity experience and its subsequent ability to freeze member dues for 2 years.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Understand how strategic vision and planning can inform and generate significant association growth and positive change management
2. Understand how to leverage research and data as tools to reinvent their organization
3. Understand key strategies to create and maintain partnerships and sector champions

An Exploration of Members' Legal Rights
Presenter: Victoria Prince, BLG

Sponsored by: Tourism Winnipeg

The Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act significantly enhances members' rights. Members now have many rights similar to those of shareholders in for-profit organizations. This presentation discusses those rights as well as how to prepare for them.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Understand and manage risk
2. Consider, review any possible amendment of governing documents.
3. Ensure compliance with law

Crisis Management and Reputation Management
Presenter: Greg Vanier, Global Public Affairs

Sponsored by: Tourism Winnipeg 

Every organization and association needs to be ready for a crisis.  How you respond can have serious impacts on your organization or industry’s reputation. This presentation will outline why preparedness is key, what is involved in planning, and how to integrate reputation and crisis management into your existing communications strategies. 

· Who does what?

· How do we do it?

· Who speaks?

· What do we say?

These four questions will help associations, and the industries they represent, evaluate how prepared they are for a crisis, and encourage them to think about their own crisis communications response plan. Although no two organizations will have the same answers, there are common elements that every plan must address.  

In an increasingly digital and connected world, social conversations can have a profound effect on an association or industry, often leading to a reputation crises.  At the very least, associations  should be actively monitoring conversations and trends, and identifying opportunities to engage in conversations and provide a balanced view.
 The presentation will conclude with an overview of issues management techniques and tools, including sophisticated technology that can be used to track and analyze trends, as well as how response strategies can be developed to protect and enhance your reputation.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Discover why crisis planning is necessary and how the lack of a plan can impact your association and members' reputations
2. Examine what is involved in preparing a crisis communications plan and some initial steps to begin planning
3. Recognize how crisis planning fits into and complements your existing communications strategy and can assist with reputation management

How to Get the Most Out of Your Volunteers
Presenter: Michelle Cederberg, Mkin, BA Psyc, CSP, CEP, CPCC
Sponsored by: Tourism Winnipeg

Presented in a dynamic, funny and motivational way, this session focuses on the different actions we can take to make sure that our volunteers are as effective as possible, as quickly as possible.

I'll invite the participants to analyze their own organization and find out how they can put in place (or improve) a structure which helps both the organization and volunteers reach their goal.

I'll explain the importance of having easy to follow processes in place and I'll demonstrate several tools that can be used to make our life easier.

Direct benefit for the participants: achieve better results with less effort and resources.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Learn to optimize the way we equip our volunteers so they can be as effective as possible.
2. Learn to work smarter by using known, little known and innovative tools/techniques.
3. Learn to make better use of the available resources and discover unknown resources.

Opening Ceremonies and Keynote Address
UnMarketing: Stop Marketing and Start Engaging
Presenter: Scott Stratten
Sponsored by: National Speakers Bureau

No one likes cold calls during dinner, junk mail overflowing your mailbox, and advertisements that interrupt your favourite shows. If this is "marketing", then the world would probably prefer whatever is the opposite of that.
If you're ready to stop marketing and start engaging, then welcome to UnMarketing. The landscape of business-customer relationships is changing, and UnMarketing gives you innovative ways out of the old "Push and Pray" rut. Instead, draw the right customers to you through listening and engagement, enabling you to build trust and position yourself as their logical choice when they need you.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Showcase Breakfast and Keynote Address
...Success Through Responsibility

Presenter: Kit Grant
Brought to you by The Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame Sponsored by: Tourism Saskatoon

Recognizing your personal power and acting with it moves you to new levels of performance. Kit reveals a step-by-step action guide your audience members will use to create a motivating and productive environment. Your people will recognize their personal responsibility in moving from where they are to where you want them to be. They leave the program with notes in hand … written carefully on a piece of paper or scrawled on any available napkin! They learn to take action now, change any negative self-talk, and set targets that push them beyond perceived limitations to get things done.

Growth Conference Experience:
Sticky Branding: First Choice Advantage

Presenter: Jeremy Miller, Sticky Branding
Sponsored by: CSAE Trillium Chapter

What made your association successful won’t make it successful.

Associations across North American are going through a seismic shift. You can see these forces at play in three areas: declining membership; weak or limited event participation; and increased difficulty to attract new members. It is getting harder and harder to grow and sustain a healthy association.

If you haven’t already, your association will have to face these forces head on. It’s inevitable. And they will cause you to rethink, reimagine, and reposition your association. Many organizations are not equipped to handle these situations, and some even falter and fail. But you can not only survive, you can thrive.

This session will show you how to embrace change to grow your association and make it stand out in your community and includes examples of successful companies/organizations that have been forced to reinvent themselves.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Review the changing landscape of associations, and what it means to market and brand the organization to attract and retain members.
2. Discuss how to grow your association into a community, "Boomers join associations. Young people join communities."
3. Learn how to increase brand awareness and member engagement to make your association stand out in your marketplace.

Bored of Conflict?
Presenters: Marjorie Munroe and Michelle Phaneuf, Workplace Fairness Alberta

Why not try turning conflict into consensus?

Good decisions require disagreement.  Usually the way disagreements are presented escalates conflict more than the facts of the disagreement.  In short, your communication and conflict resolution style determines how effective you are at building consensus.

In this 90 minute interactive session, you will gain some insight into the barriers to consensus building through interactive activities, and gain valuable tips for improving your disagreements and reaching collaborative decisions.

Learning Outcomes:

1. To understand the dynamics and the difference between conflict and consensus building
2. To apply practical communication tools for building consensus in a group activity
3. To explore a model for structuring conversations for decision making

Finding the Missing Pieces to Your Volunteer Program
Presenter: Lori Gotlieb, Lori Gotlieb Consulting
Sponsored by: Tourism London

This workshop will provide you with a high level review and assessment of the volunteer management process through the use of the Volunteer Canada’s code of volunteer involvement.

Once you have found them, are they contributing at their optimum? We will look at each component of the cycle and review what the best practices are and where the gaps are in your volunteer leadership process.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Understand the steps to successful volunteer engagement
2. Assess your weaknesses and strengths that will be the framework for your volunteer engagement and retention plans moving forward
3. Allow participants to share best practices and address issues within this presentation and take away practical tools and resources

Changing Your Meeting?  Communication is Vital                          
Presenter: Kirsten Olean, American Society for Microbiology

Powered By:  PCMA

Meeting reinvention is gaining traction across the industry putting more pressure on planners to make and manage major changes. Consistent communication around these changes is often overlooked and has potential to have a negative impact on the meeting and organization. The Director of Meetings at the American Society of Microbiology is applying lessons learned in her new role based on previous experience at the Association of American Medical Colleges where she helped orchestrate the rollout of their revamped annual meeting.  The lessons learned from her recent experiences with both organizations will help you develop a collaborative communication plan around major meeting changes that your whole organization can embrace.

Learning Outcomes:

1.       Recognize the impact of not effectively communicating major meeting changes to internal and external stakeholders and attendees
2.       Anticipate and prepare for pushback before communicating any changes
3.       Develop a collaborative communication plan around major meeting changes with internal colleagues

Communicate to Captivate - CANCELLED

Presenter: Lorraine Behnan, ExpressionLab Communications Inc.
Sponsored by: Tourism London

This interactive program is a combination of prepared remarks, demonstrations, and practical exercises. Each participant will learn the necessary tools to prepare and deliver their own engaging and effective presentations. Program Agenda:

• Establish credibility and trust

• Communicate with authenticity

• Sharpen focus through affirmation and visualization

• Understand typical audience profile and behaviours

• Organize content for maximum retention and engagement

• Convey your ideas and elevate audience engagement through storytelling

• Demonstrate a confident image

• Express emotion and passion through vocal power

• Effective and strategic use of audio/visual support

• Conduct an engaging 'Questions and Answers' session: Implement proper practice habits to ensure a successful delivery

Learning Outcomes:

1. Confidently present to individuals or groups
2. Deliver messages with clarity, credibility, and conviction
3. Use communication skills to build and strengthen relations

Delivering Killer Presentations to Your Team, Your Board, or Just About Anyone 
Presenter: Randall Craig, 108 ideaspace

In this interactive session, learn insider tricks for developing and delivering effective presentations from one of Canada's foremost professional speakers.  Topics will be wide-ranging, but will include structure, content development, story-telling, openings, vocal techniques, delivery, and more.

About the presenter:  Randall Craig is one of 62 Certified Speaking Professionals (CSPs) in Canada and is in the exclusive 12% of speakers who have been awarded this designation internationally. 

Game-On: Increasing Engagement Using Gamification
Presenter: Julie King, Biz-zone
Sponsored by: Tourism London

How can you increase loyalty and member engagement using secrets from the world of video games? In this session the presenter will build a case for incorporating "gamification" elements into the way you interact with members to build loyalty, engagement and overall satisfaction. Participants will get their "game-on" as they learn about:

· The fundamentals of "gamification"

· Key differences between gamification and play

· Examples of gamification including popular tools like badges, awards and loyalty programs

· Ways to incorporate gamification and loyalty-building tactics into your member database

· Measuring the effectiveness of gamification

· Ethical considerations

The session will be informative, practical and fun, with participants leaving with ideas and tools they can use in their own organization

Learning Outcomes:

1. Learn the neuroscience fundamentals of "gamification" and how associations can positively leverage associated opportunities
2. Understand how to incorporate effective "gamification" ideas into an association's leadership and membership recruitment programs
3. Learn how to build "gamification" elements into the association's membership database

Growth Conference Experience:
The Role of Technology in Driving Association Growth

Presenter: Jean-Francois Champagne, Automotive Industries Association 
Sponsored by: CSAE Trillium Chapter

As technology becomes an increasingly important driver of association growth, boards and CEOs must shift their thinking about technology from the tactical to the strategic. This session, led by a tech-savvy executive director, will explore how association leaders can integrate today's powerful technologies into their organizations' business models in pursuit of meaningful growth.


Learning Outcomes


1. Understand technology as a strategic asset

2. Learn about the possibilities of today's most powerful computing platforms

3. Explain the connection between technology and growth.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Growth Conference Experience:
Discovering Growth Opportunities Through the Practice of Foresight

Presenter: Jeff De Cagna, Principled Innovation, LLC
Sponsored by: CSAE Trillium Chapter

The speed and intensity of societal transformation demands that association decision-makers let go of their orthodox beliefs, look forward and develop a richer understanding of the growth opportunities created by a uncertain and dynamic future.

To facilitate this process, association Boards, CEOs and other contributors must build new capacity for the practice of foresight. Participants in this session will apply foresight tools to drive powerful new thinking about how their associations and their stakeholders can grow in the years ahead.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Understand why the relentless and unforgiving impact of societal transformation demands a fresh perspective on growth.
2. Apply foresight tools to the discovery of emerging growth opportunities for both your associations and your stakeholders.
3. Build the practice of foresight into your associations' work.

Amalgamation Anatomy
Presenter: Dana Cooper, Orthotics Prosthetics Canada

This session will be presented in a case study format with background, objectives, intended process outlines, real life experiences, obstacles such as member reactions and objections, where the amalgamation is at today and what is yet to come.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Understand the complexities associated with bringing two organizations together, despite how much they seemingly have in common.
2. Appreciate the incredibly significant role communications plays in obtaining approval.
3. Have insight into the many steps and changes that need to be accomplished

Avoid Social Media Overload for Association Executives
Presenter: Corey Perlman, eBoot Camp Inc.

If you're not generating real results with social media, it's just a hobby for your association. Come learn how to recruit more members and reduce attrition by adding value between the meetings. This will be an interactive session where you'll leave with work completed on your Website and social media profiles. Come find out why Corey Perlman's eBoot Camp was the highlight of the 2015 National Speaker's Association Winter Conference!

Learning Outcomes:

1. Best practices for Websites and Social Media platforms
2. Create a plan for what sites to focus on and what to ignore.
3. Ways to engage members and add value between the face-to-face meetings

Employers' of Choice DNA
Presenter: Stephane Simard, CSP, 

A unique approach to attract more qualified employees and reduce turnover rate.

Themes explored:

· Where to find the good candidates

· How to create a more productive atmosphere

· What to delegate and how?

· What are the 52 forms of recognition that generate commitment

· How to pilot your team

Learning Outcomes:

1. Attract more employees faster and at a lower cost.
2. Improve internal communication and collaboration.
3. Reduce turn-over rate.

Fired Up and Focused: Stimulating Change for Passion, Productivity and Performance
Presenter: Bill Hogg, Bill Hogg and Associates

In this presentation, Bill shares personal real life experiences to demonstrate proven principles, tactics and bullet-proof systems that association leaders can use to ignite a passionate, higher performing culture.  Past client examples include organizations like:  ServiceOntario,  CNE, Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan.

The session will follow 3 key themes :

Stand Up & Speak Up (commitment/passion)
•Understand the impact of connecting people with a shared Vision (purpose vs. task)
•Discover 3 critical elements for finding the right people for the journey

Walk the Talk (trust/cooperation)
•Understand how leaders embrace and lead change
•Learn how to build trust and collaboration into your culture

No Excuses (accountability)
•Utilize leadership behaviours that create buy-in and create a high performing work environment
•Learn how leaders make change stick and drive employee engagement    

Learning Outcomes:

1. Create your own high level change management plan
2. Identify specific strategies and tactics to inspire and motivate (engage) your teams to embrace change
3. Avoid critical mistakes that contribute to failures that leave the organization in worse shape than when you started.

Toronto's Closing Luncheon and Keynote Address
Cleaning Your Cluttered Brain: A Field Guide to Productivity and Performance in a Hectic World
Presenter: Bruce Kirkby
Sponsored by: Speakers' Spotlight

Bruce Kirkby’s interest in “the uncluttered mind” was sparked by his epic overland journey to China, Tibet, Nepal, and the Indian Himalaya, accompanied by his wife and their two young boys, where they lived for months amongst Buddhist monks in a remote Himalayan monastery.

Immersed in a lost Himalayan kingdom, with all forms of communication forsaken (phones, tablets, computers), this inveterate multi-tasker felt his mind begin to clear, his productivity and creativity soar. For the first time in years, came the odd and liberating sense, “Isn’t there something I should be worrying about?”

Upon returning home, Bruce began a major book project, and immediately noted marked increases in his clarity of thought, ability to focus, and productivity. He also noted, with some concern, the speed with which these abilities began to dissolve amid the noise of our modern world.

His efforts to retain that clarity, by throwing himself into the latest neuroscience research, interviewing high performers, and experimenting with mindfulness strategies is what has lead to his newest keynote: Cleaning Your Cluttered Brain: A Guide to Productivity and High Performance in a Hectic World.

Courses & Events