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Toronto CSAE National Conference 2016 & Showcase

CSAE National Conference 2017 & Showcase

Wednesday October 25, 2017 - Friday, October 27, 2016

Location: St. John's, NL Canada

For access to the session content from the CSAE 2015 in Calgary conference, please visit:

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 Certified Association Executive® 
In today’s evolving and competitive non-profit sector, it takes more than just a credential to standout from your peers. It takes the confidence, cutting edge knowledge and professionalism achieved through earning the CAE®.  

Why not join the growing community of credible and confident CAE®’s across Canada?  Take the first step and email us at cae@csae.com or call 1.800.461.3608 ext.242 or visit the program page

CSAE National Conference 2017