Committees and Volunteers

Volunteer Organization

CSAE Trillium Chapter is a volunteer-based organization. The Chapter operates programs for its members by its members. The Board, through its various committees, is responsible for achieving and completing the objectives as outlined in the strategic plan. The Board and volunteers are expected to be active participants in the affairs of the Chapter. The Chapter retained the services of Executive Director Tracy Blyth, CAE to provide management support to complete the activities of the Board and Committees.

If you would like to volunteer, please download the Volunteer Guide and the Volunteer Application Form.

  • FORUM Editorial Content Committee 

  • PDX (Education) Committee

  • Membership Committee

  • Awards and Recognition Dinner Committee

  • Holiday Season Dinner Committee

  • Winter Summit Committee

  • Summer Summit Committee

2014 Trillium Chapter Award Winners

The recipients of the Trillium Chapter’s 2014 Awards were announced in October. These 6 individuals are all outstanding in their commitment to the CSAE Trillium Chapter and we invite you to join us in celebrating their awards.

Chapter Service Excellence Award - Executive Member
Wendy Sue Lyttle, CAE, LAL Association Member Services

Since joining CSAE over 20 years ago Wendy Sue Lyttle, CAE, Principal, LAL Association Member Services has been an active Trillium Chapter supporter. She mentors those new to the sector, and assists those attending Trillium Chapter events for the first time. She has served on numerous committees over the years. She’s been a business member, an executive member and a part-time staff member. Congratulations Wendy Sue.

Chapter Service Excellence Award - Business Member
Robert Thompson, AV-Canada Inc.

A CSAE member for almost 20 years, Robert Thompson, Director of Sales, AV – Canada Inc. literally works every Chapter event he attends. He has co-chaired the Holiday Dinner Committee and sits on both the Awards Dinner and Holiday Dinner committees annually. He knows his craft extremely well, and is very generous sharing his knowledge and talents because he cares about people. Congratulations Robert.

Chapter Emerging Talent Award - Executive Member
Diane Lee, CAE, Ontario Real Estate Association

Diane Lee, CAE, Assistant to Chief Privacy Officer, Legal Department, Ontario Real Estate Association began volunteering for the Trillium Chapter when she undertook the AME courses three years ago, working to earn her CAE designation. She began as a member of the Trillium Chapter Awards Dinner Committee, then her commitment grew as she volunteered for the Membership Committee.
She exemplifies the true spirit of volunteering in a simple, unassuming way. Congratulations Diane.

Chapter Emerging Talent Award - Business Member
Laura Hurley (Edmunds), Delta Meadowvale Hotel & Conference Centre

Laura Hurley (Edmunds), Sales Manager, Delta Meadowvale Hotel and Conference Centre has already devoted a great deal of time and effort to the Trillium Chapter. Volunteering on both the Winter and Summer Summits, her most significant contribution to date has been her patience and determination managing the Silent Auction program at our Winter Summit. As a hotel sales manager she ensures her clients are well looked after. Congratulations Laura.

President’s Award
Susan Saganski, CMP, Delta Hotels & Resorts

Susan Saganski, CMP, National Account Director, Corporate Group and Associations, Delta Hotels and Resorts has received Awards from CSAE National (in 2005) and the Trillium Chapter (in 1994 and 2004). For several years Susan chaired the Holiday Dinner and the Awards Dinner committees. She has been a key member of the Summer Summit committee, painstakingly affixing hundreds of pins to lanyards or logos on monopoly money. Congratulations Susan for going well beyond the call of duty.

Circle of Distinction Award
Maura McLaren, CAE, Real Estate Institute of Canada
Maura McLaren, CAE, President and CEO, Real Estate Institute of Canada has been volunteering for Trillium Chapter for over 20 years. She received the Chapter Excellence Award in 2000 and was President of the Trillium Chapter in1999. Recently, she has been a member of the audit committee, policy review task group, awards dinner committee and the holiday dinner committee. Not only does she volunteer for the Trillium Chapter but she also sits on the CSAE National Board of Directors, sitting on their Finance, Audit and Award Recognition committees and will be Chair of the CSAE Board of Directors for 2014-15. Congratulations Maura, for your unprecedented commitment to the Trillium Chapter.


Chapter Service Excellence Award
The Chapter Service Excellence Award recognizes a colleague or volunteer who, throughout their career, has demonstrated significant contribution and commitment to CSAE and the profession of Association Management or has made significant contributions in support of Association Management. Recipients of this award are those who have provided leadership, great ideas and inspiration.

Chapter Emerging Talent Award
The Chapter Emerging Talent Award recognizes one Executive Member and one Business Member, who, within the first five years of the members’ careers in the association sector, or within the first five years of CSAE membership, has demonstrated remarkable promise as future leaders in the association sector.

President’s Award
The President’s Award is granted at the discretion of the Chapter President to recognize and celebrate a Trillium Chapter Member who has gone above and beyond the call of duty.

Circle of Distinction Award
The Circle of Distinction Award recognizes an outstanding volunteer who has provided exceptional leadership and exemplary service to the Trillium Chapter over a sustained period of time. The award recipient is chosen by the Trillium Chapter Board of Directors