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The Business of Knowledge Management

The Business of Knowledge Management

The term “knowledge management“ (KM) has been around for over 20 years. However, the concept itself has been around since the dawn of industrialization. In its basic form, the concept refers to using knowledge to meet organizational goals, ranging from making a profit to customer retention.


Why Should We Care as Association Leaders?

We should care about knowledge management because members are now behaving as ‘consumers’ in a competitive association marketplace. There is an increasingly high demand for a sustained or growing value proposition among members—and a limited budget for investing in outside organizations. Implementing a knowledge management framework within an association can not only help your association to survive, but to thrive (Agarwal, N. 2016).

As a certified Practitioner of Knowledge Management (CKP) and association leader (CAE), I’ve had the pleasure of implementing a knowledge framework in an association setting. I’ve seen the tangible outcomes. The process of developing and implementing a Knowledge Management framework in your organization forces you to become agile and responsive to member needs. Achieving it means having an ‘everyone on board’ philosophy, therefore creating an environment of collaboration among staff and efficiency in processes.



I’m looking forward to sharing my learnings and experience at the CSAE Conference & Showcase this fall in Ottawa. I’m certain that together we can bring awareness to the power of knowledge management within associations. You can learn more about my session by clicking the link below.



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