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Top Ten Human Resource Mistakes Employers Make (And How to Avoid Them)

Top Ten Human Resource Mistakes Employers Make (And How to Avoid Them)

The employment relationship is legally complex, and employers are subject to a variety of statutory laws and common-law principles that govern what can and cannot be done. Laws governing employer-employee relationship change frequently and, as demonstrated by the recent amendments in Ontario brought about by Bill 148, such changes can significantly impact employers.

Mistakes in employee treatment can lead to a wide variety of claims and costly legal liabilities for employers. Such mistakes can lead to wrongful dismissal lawsuits, human rights claims, workplace harassment allegations, and statutory complaints by employees to government authorities. As a lawyer focusing on employment law, I have seen a number of familiar situations arise and the same types of mistakes being made by employers to address those situations.

The purpose of my seminar, ”The Top Ten Human Resource Mistakes Employers Make (And How to Avoid Them)” at this year's Annual Conference & Showcase is to provide managers with useful tips for recognizing common employer errors and, with appropriate planning and practices, provide solutions on how these issues can be managed and resolved.


Top Ten HR Mistakes

The ten topics I will be reviewing are:


  1. Hiring an independent contractor who should be an employee
  2. Not having a written employment contract with employees
  3. Drafting your own contracts without professional advice
  4. The incorrect use of fixed term employment contracts
  5. The incorrect use of human resource policy manuals
  6. Not keeping employee policies up to date
  7. Not having or implementing a proper vacation policy
  8. Not keeping written records of employee performance issues
  9. Misunderstanding the duty to accommodate under human rights laws
  10. Not having appropriate insurance coverage for employee-related claims


Each of these topics will be discussed in detail. My goal is to provide you with practical legal information so that, as employers and managers, you can identify potential issues in the workplace. Doing so will enable you to deal with them in an effective manner before they escalate to a potential claim and organizational liability.



Learn more about Barry's seminar at this year's Conference by clicking on the following link. Can your association afford to make a human resources mistake with its employees or volunteers that could devastate its ability to succeed? Come by to learn what Barry has to share and protect your organization's future.




Barry W. Kwasniewski, Human Resources, CSAE Conference & Showcase


Guest Contributor, Governance / Leadership



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