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Attract and Retain Members

Attract and Retain Members

Four Member Styles You Need to Master

Is your membership base not growing?

Do you know what drives your members to renew or leave?

Learn how to quickly identify what your prospect’s or existing member’s style is and how to communicate in their own language when approaching them. Depending on their style, they will have very different perspectives and internal drivers you need to address to sway their decision to join or renew their membership.



You will recognize a Leader by their dominant style. They like to be in charge. They are the first ones to acquire new methods, new technology, the latest and the greatest systems.


"You will get a lot from our association; we bring in high quality speakers and trainers with the latest trends in our industry".


The leaders will be the ones you want to approach to be on the board. Important titles will drive them, along with knowing they have authority and power. They like special recognition, VIP privileges, or a perk that only the top achievers can get.


"Our association rewards one member each year by enthroning them in our Industry Hall of Fame."

"We have a special membership level that allows you VIP seating at the events and behind-the-scenes privileges."


Leaders' strengths include high self-confidence and high ego. They will be bold and assertive to continually perform and feed their own confidence.


"You are a sought-after undeniable expert and we would be so lucky to have you with us leading the way."


They will be direct, brief, and to the point. Unlike other styles, the Leader won't enjoy having a conversation about their personal life, their kids, etc.

They will respond well to time-sensitive offers:


"We have an early bird rate to renew that gives you this extra added bonus".



The Influencer is a social butterfly. Influencers have the ability to rally the troops. High-energy individuals, Influencers have a keen sense of humour used to sway people to see their vision, and they encourage camaraderie and goodwill.


"We have so much fun at our events! It is very often that we go out for drinks/coffee/lunch after each meeting."


They want to be included -- to belong. They thrive when with others and, even at work, they make a point of supporting familiarity and amicable rapport. Before you talk about renewal or present the membership opportunity, allow time for socialization and interaction.


"You will meet amazing people and create connections with like-minded individuals in our field."


Influencers are often planners but are not implementers. They tend to be idea-incubators with big start-up energy, leaving the implementation to Supporters and/or Thinkers.


"We need your vision and your ideas in our association."


The Influencer likes to be the pioneering, like the Leader, however, for a different motive. Unlike the Leaders that aren't driven by connections, the Influencers like to know something first so they can go tell others.


"Join our organization as we bring you the latest speakers and conferences. I have often impressed my co-workers going back to the office and showing off the new processes I learned at the meetings."


Influencers may be disorganized and seem like they are not following through. If they tell you they will call you back, they may forget. You want to follow up closely, as they may not get back to you on their own.



Supporters like familiarity, structured relationships and environments. Group-oriented, they create balance and harmony. They are protective, adaptive, and take pride in providing nurturance and nourishment.


"In our association, we all work together as a team. We are all in this together."


They are comfortable in sameness and repetition. Supporters are fantastic at following processes and methods, and won't sway from protocol or from what has been done in the past.


"We have our meeting the second Tuesday of each month and we follow the same structure at each event."


Supporters’ priorities include the need to serve others, being humble and inclusive.


"In our association, we help entrepreneurs grow in their field."

"We have a Young Fellow Program that gives grants and mentorship to students in our industry"


They will put their hand up to help on the board. They take care of others—they are the go-to people when someone needs an ear or a pat on the back.


"We have a lot of young members that need your experience and support."


They may take a little longer to convince and won't go for the early bird offerings. You may even approach them annually for a few years before they join. Once they do, they will be faithful and renew year after year so long as they are treated right.

To avoid: "You have until March 19th to renew.". Give them time to think about it.

They are very indirect and avoid telling you if they are not interested in your offerings so as to avoid confrontation. They may pretend to be interested to avoid disappointing you.



A Thinker makes a priority of being accurate -- they are deliberate and firm, and the little details are important. They will hold their ground until they get all the information they need. You want to approach them with statistics, numbers, details, and specifics.


"Our association grew by 23% last year. We are one of the largest associations in our field, second rank after XYZ."

"The satisfaction survey conducted last year of our members shows 92% are ecstatic about their experience with us."


Thinkers are motivated by opportunities to gain knowledge and to use their expertise. They love to learn and apply new concepts.


"There are so many opportunities to learn and grow with our association."


They may require excessive data before coming to a decision. They may be slow to act, so use data and facts when approaching them. Be objective, examining arguments from all sides using a logical approach. Use phrases like: "it makes sense," "in light of this,","after thorough analysis."

Be well prepared and on time. A Thinker's biggest pet peeve is people arriving late or not being prepared. Follow rules, policy, and procedure, and be prepared for them to ask “Why?


"Our meetings always start and finish on time, and we follow a structured agenda at each event."



Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas

Natalie Plamondon is the founder of the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY, an NLP Master, speaker, Master Life Coach and bestselling author on wellness and empowerment, with 10+ years of experience in human resources, 25 years in sales and over 30 years in the fitness industry. She uses neuroscience to “reprogram your brain to end self-sabotage."




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