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Starting a Podcast: Is it Time, CSAE?

Starting a Podcast: Is it Time, CSAE?

Let's Table the Idea of CSAE Starting a Podcast

As manager, content here at CSAE, I am putting serious thought into the value a podcast could bring to the organization, its membership, and beyond. For those of you who are unfamiliar with podcasts, they are essentially episodic Internet radio-style shows. Their format, duration, topics, hosts, and even recording and broadcasting means vary. However, they all voice capture advice, opinions, and discussions to be shared with an intended audience. Since joining CSAE in August, 2016, I have periodically been asked if it was something we are considering.

And so we are turning to you, our audience, to let us know what you think. Whether you are a CSAE member or not -- in the association sector or not -- you have your reasons for paying attention to our existing content (e.g., this blog.) You are our audience. So, would you also have reason to listen to a CSAE podcast?

Let us know your thoughts.


Starting a Podcast for the CSAE Audience the Right Way

If CSAE were to move forward with a podcast, we want to hear what you would want and expect of it. Although a learning curve is to be expected at the beginning, if we move forward we want to get as much right as possible from the start.


  • Duration: How long should it be? What is too brief and what is too long? Would a variable time that is "long enough" for each episode's message preferable?
  • Frequency: How often would you want new episodes? Weekly? Monthly?
  • Guests: Who do you want to hear from? The association / not-for-profit sector only, or do you want to hear from corporate subject matter experts with valuable input? Anyone else?
  • Format: What sort of dynamic appeals to you? Someone presenting information? A discussion?
  • Audience Input: Do you want each episode to be self-contained? Do you want it to be open to "caller" input? What about sending in questions for a specific episode ahead of time? Anything else?
  • Supplementary Material: Should each episode to stand on its own or should downloadable, complimentary content also be provided? A mix of both approaches, as appropriate?
  • CSAE Contributors: What aspects of CSAE do you think should participate? Membership? The CAE program? Events? How should each aspect be represented, and how often?
  • Availability: Which platforms do you prefer for accessing your podcasts?
  • Topics: What topics do you most want to see addressed?


Send Us Your Feedback

Please send us your feedback via the comments section below or email me directly. We want as much input from our audience as possible to make a more informed decision (and plan should we move forward.) Thank you.



At CSAE National Conference 2017, Donna Papacosta of Trafalgar Communications delivered an insightful session entitled Podcasting for Associations. I've returned to the recording of her streamed session many times while considering starting a podcast for CSAE, and I suggest any other associations thinking of doing likewise also have a look.


CSAE National Conference 2017 will this year in St. John's be offering similarly valuable sessions from subject matter experts. If you haven't already done so, I suggest you register now for your place at this blockbuster event.




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