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Learner's Digest May 2019: Meet the Keynotes!

Learner's Digest May 2019: Meet the Keynotes!

Introducing the CSAE 2019 Conference Keynotes

It's a complex world out there! Associations operate in a busy, data-rich and distracting environment. Learning to operate effectively amidst endless input and unpredictable change is critical to your success. Every day, you're making decisions that affect the future of your association. Associations: Decoded will help you gain clarity, resolve your association's most pressing issues and achieve optimal results.

We're excited to bring you these remarkable conference keynotes. Their thought-provoking presentations will challenge you to think and do differently.
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Using a targeted approach is a smart way to be relevant to your industry/members. But what is the right segmentation strategy? Is it based on demographics? How much time has your board spent planning to appeal to millennials? Opening keynote David Allison says it’s time to ditch demographics — because “we are all the same age now.”  Discover how clarifying what your members value will help you more effectively plan, create and promote the products and services your members want right now.


In times of crisis, how can we do our jobs, stay strong and lead with compassion? Resolving to a course of action is a critical leadership skill, but our best laid plans are often challenged by situations that are difficult to anticipate — and seemingly impossible to overcome. Darby Allen, Fort McMurray’s fire chief during the wildfires of 2016, will kick your day off with his inspiring story from the front lines. Hear about a community who faced the flames, survived — and thrived — in the face of the costliest disaster in Canadian history.


Is achieving our personal and professional goals an art or a science? Join closing keynote Dr. Shimi Kangfor a fascinating exploration of tried, tested and proven science-based tools that will help you ramp up your game for optimal health, happiness and achievement.


 All About CAE® Certification

Apart from assisting you in your current position, CAE® prepares you for changing roles and growing responsibilities in your career. Don't take our word for it; hear what certification has meant to a CAE® graduate:  

"When I started taking the CAE® courses, I was a program manager for a specific project. Now I run two not-for-profits. The scope of my job responsibilities has increased significantly but I feel well prepared for the new role," says Judy Dezell, Director, Enterprise Centre, Business Partnerships & LAS, Association of Municipalities Ontario.

Not sure if the CAE® program is for you? Get a free trial!

For more information, contact Eve Mechici at eve@csae.com.


 Upcoming Events
Insights Webinars: FREE for CSAE Members

An Association Executive's Guide to HR Fundamentals

with Jordan Rodney
June 4, 2019
1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. EDT

Equip yourself with fundamental human resource skills to build a more focused, productive and happy workforce.
The topics covered include:
  • Dealing with difficult employee situations to minimize liability.
  • Effectively managing people using a proactive approach.
  • Navigating through all stages of the employment cycle from recruitment through to termination.
  • Promoting a positive employee relations environment.
  • Draw the link between effective "people-management" and business strategy.
 *All CSAE Insights webinars are recorded and will be available to members who can not attend the live session for viewing at their convenience. The link to the recorded session will be available on the Insights page of the CSAE website.


The New Rules of Sponsorship Sales 
with Chris Baylis
June 19, 2019
1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. EDT

Ditch the "Gold, Silver and Bronze" approach to sponsorship sales and get up to speed on the NEW RULES that will bring in dollars!
Learn how to:

  • Get the meeting with sponsors and walk away with the sale
  • Leverage the latest sponsorship trends to drive greater success for your organization
  • Demonstrate the value of your sponsorship opportunities
 Takeaways include:
  • Sponsorship proposal templates
  • The exact questions to use in meetings with sponsors
  • Sample emails, pre-written, to help you secure the meeting
  • A fulfillment report template
  • Sales pipeline template
  • 34-point sponsorship sales checklist
Hear from Chris himself here:  
Screenshot (29).png

 Network Events
CSAE Trillium Summer Summit
July 10-12, 2019
Windsor, ON

Join your peers for two days of intensive professional development, networking and fun. This conference is created by association executives FOR association executives.

The Summer Summit is the must attend event for association leaders looking for valuable education and networking in a relaxed atmosphere. It is an ideal learning opportunity for senior association and emerging leaders to strengthen and develop their leadership and management skills. The agenda is relevant to those who are looking for new ways of thinking and new ideas to sustain and grow their associations.

Learn More and Register
CSAE Government Relations - Provincial politics in the next 90 days and 4 years ahead
May 28, 2019
Edmonton, AB

Join CSAE and political journalist Paul McLoughlin for an in-depth look at the new government, what the priorities are, and how you can raise issues important to your association and membership.
Boost Your Career with the Psychology of Networking
September 27, 2019
Edmonton, AB
 Other Trillium Events
Small Associations Achieving Big Results
Jun 5, 2019
Toronto, ON
Courageous Governance: A PDX Workshop
November 13, 2019
Toronto, ON
Annual Holiday Season Reception and Dinner
December 2, 2019
Toronto, ON


Volunteer Appreciation and Awards Luncheon
May 16, 2019
Ottawa, ON
CSAE Ottawa-Gatineau "9 & Dine" Golf Tournament
June 10, 2019
Gatineau, QC

Catch these thought-provoking articles in Association™ magazine’s spring issue:

Shaking strategy to its core: Decentralized decision-making and trade bodies of the future
- By Simon Forrester (National Association of Jewellers) and Miles Hoare

Building consensus to tackle the really big issues
- By Christine Nielsen, CAE ( Canadian Society of  Medical Laboratory Science)

Raising public awareness: The superhero competition campaign
- By Angie D’Aoust (Canadian Dental; Hygienists Association)

Q & A with Maya Roy - CEO, YWCA Canada



Government Relations for Canadian Associations: How to Be the Voice of your Members with Government

Because Canada’s complex lobbying and government relations landscape is always changing, this popular CSAE monograph has been significantly updated and expanded. 

This book is designed for association staff and board members who need to engage government to resolve member issues. The objective is to provide readers with a simple, straightforward understanding of how to achieve results when dealing with government. 


“Associations form to enable individuals, or similar businesses, to achieve common goals. Government relations activities undertaken by associations provide members with a greater voice in government decision making and ultimately protect member interests. When dealing with the increasingly complex world of government regulation and legislation, it makes sense that collective action has a far greater chance of getting tangible results.”

This feature publication is available at a 10% discount throughout May!
Buy The Book

Government Relations for Canadian Associations.jpg

How to End the Turf Wars and Build Cohesive Relationships Between Units in Your Association

Effective working relationships is essential in multi-faceted, not-for-profit organizations where chapters, affiliates, districts, branches, etc. often fight for limited resources and attention. In this environment, turf wars are inevitable, right? Wrong.

“For a long time, it seemed to me that the best we could do was mitigate the worst effects of conflict, competition, and the downright bad relationships that all too often afflicted the sector. People tended to write things off to factors such as regional dynamics and internal politics, as if to say that the lack of internal cohesiveness was simply something that leaders had to live with, instead of being an issue to be vigorously addressed. Unfortunately, that mindset sometimes led to a kind of resigned shrugging of the shoulders — a sense that you just had to put up with this.”

This feature publication is available at a 10% discount throughout May!
Buy The Book

Do you have a recommended great read? Send your suggestion to nicolas@csae.com.



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