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Learner's Digest April 2019: Why Benchmark?

Learner's Digest April 2019: Why Benchmark?

Continually assessing our practices, systems and services is a constant feature of leading associations. Something that worked two years ago may no longer deliver the same kind of results. How can you reliably stay on top of what others are doing to inform your own organization’s path forward? 

One evergreen strategy is benchmarking. Asking others for insight into their practices is a proven way to generate new solutions to common issues. Listening to other leaders explain what worked for them and how they might have done things differently can save you time, money — and frustration — when implementing change. Certified Association Executives and students of the program gain tangible experience in benchmarking: from determining what they need to learn, selecting appropriate benchmarking partners and establishing a mechanism for gathering data, through applying the findings to their decision-making. 

Explore benchmarking as a decision-making framework through the CAE® program and prepare yourself to apply this tried-and-true strategy for assessing everything from your communication strategies to your technology products.

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Danielle Lamothe, CAE CTDP
VP, Learning and Innovation

 Grow Your Knowledge with the CAE® Program This Spring
The spring term starts April 22Register for a CAE® course now to get a head start in a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive market, while making the most of the flexibility offered by the CAE® program.

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For more information about the CAE® program, contact Eve Mechici at eve@csae.com.

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 Upcoming Events

The New Rules of Sponsorship Sales 
with Chris Baylis
April 25, 2019
1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. EDT

Learn how to:
- Get the meeting with sponsors and walk away with the sale 
- Leverage the latest sponsorship trends to drive greater success for your organization
- Demonstrate the value of your sponsorship opportunities


Insights Webinars: FREE for CSAE Members

ACE Your Response to Crises 
with Jacqui d'Eon
May 9, 2019
1 p.m. - 2 p.m. EDT

Explore the principles of responding to a crisis — what to say, how to say it and who to have say it. Learn the ACE (accept, commit, express emotion) protocol to respond to crises and mitigate reputational damage.


 *All CSAE Insights sessions are recorded and will be available to members who cannot attend the live session for viewing at their convenience. The link to the recorded session will be available on the Insights page on our website.
 Learning Across Canada
 British Columbia
2019 Annual MLA Event 
May 13, 2019
Victoria, BC

Join us for this exciting event where you'll get to: 
- Learn how video, website and branding can engage your members
- Network with BC MLAs and government representatives over lunch

Register BEFORE April 12th to get the chance to attend Question Period at the BC Legislative Assembly with the CSAE BC Network Council!

 La gestion de crise et la gestion d'enjeux
April 30, 2019
Montreal, QC

Tous les organismes sont confrontés à des enjeux de façon quotidienne, mais comment gérer le tout quand cet enjeu devient une crise? Comment communiquer avec ses membres et le grand public tout en ayant des ressources souvent limitées? Toutes ces questions (et réponses!) seront discutées lors de la prochaine formation de la SCDA « La gestion de crise: Comment se préparer, traverser et survivre une crise ». Nos panélistes partageront avec vous leur expérience et surtout les leçons apprises en cours de route. De plus, notre expert en gestion de crise et d’enjeux viendra répondre à vos questions.


Harness Your Energy - Build your Resilience
April 25, 2019
Toronto, ON

CSAE Trillium Summer Summit
July 10-12, 2019
Windsor, ON

Bringing Value to Your Members and Donors: Ideas to Invigorate, Engage and Grow
April 25, 2019
Winnipeg, MB

Volunteer Appreciation and Awards Luncheon
May 16, 2019
Ottawa, ON
CSAE Ottawa-Gatineau "9 & Dine" Golf Tournament
June 10, 2019
Gatineau, QC


Associations: Decoded – CSAE's 2019 Conference & Showcase conference small square.png
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Guide to Better Meetings for Directors of Not-For-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations (NFPs) can't afford to spend money and time on unproductive meetings. With rising costs and the reduced time volunteers are willing to commit, organizations must take the initiative to enhance and improve their meetings' value.

This how-to guide provides a simple, straightforward approach to meetings, specially tailored to the needs of the NFP. An ideal guide for non-profit directors.


“In one way or another, each member makes a difference in a meeting, whether by affirmative action, or by inaction, apathy and acquiescence. Guided by the principle of shared responsibility, each individual should work as a member of a team to enhance the quality of discussions and the collective decision-making process. Meeting facilitators should thrive to convert all members from passive observers to active contributors.”

This featured publication is available at a 10% discount during April!


Making Your Mark as a Not-For-Profit Board Member
Aside from bringing passion to their role, volunteer board members must quickly learn their specific duties, their obligations to members and stakeholders, and how to act within the organization’s bylaws. This highly-regarded publication serves as a critical orientation guide for all board members who serve not-for-profit organizations with paid staff. Whether you’re a new or experienced board member, this clear and practical publication provides insight and tools for all directors to confidently and capably govern with excellence and accountability.

“Boards have a very important job to do. Making assumptions about what the job is and is not is foolhardy. Boards, and individual directors, have a number of legal obligations and they may be sued should they fail to comply with them. But don’t let that scare you. What you need to know will be covered in this publication.”

This featured publication is available at a 10% discount during April!


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