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Get to Know CSAE’s Newest Author!

Get to Know CSAE’s Newest Author!

Jacqui d'Eon, P.Eng., ABC, MC., refers to herself as the "C-Suite whisperer," helping executives achieve their goals and guiding organizations through crises using effective planning and strategic communications. Jacqui is the author of CSAE's title,Stuff Happens... But you can sleep at night by making your association reputation resilient, coming April 2019. Learn more about Jacqui and why every organization needs to think about crisis planning in this exclusive Q & A : 

CSAE: What is reputation management? 

Jacqui d’Eon: The truth is that organizations are made up of humans – so, “stuff happens!” Reputations take years to build and seconds to destroy. Just look at the men who have been accused as the #MeToo movement has grown.  

Making your association reputation resilient means that you can survive hits to your reputation. The difference between recovery and annihilation following a crisis actually may be the hard work that goes into planning. You can’t know everything that might happen but there are some things that you can predict and for which you can prepare. Saying “sorry” is not enough: taking affirmative action and responsibility for reparations and prevention is what’s demanded.

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