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2019/2020 CSAE Benefits and Compensation Report Survey kicks off today

2019/2020 CSAE Benefits and Compensation Report Survey kicks off today

CSAE’s annual benefits and compensation survey is out now – and your organizational input is vital! By participating in the survey, associations professionals help to:

  • Establish robust benchmarks
  • Support excellence in the sector - as organizations can gauge themselves against industry standards
  • Shape a strong future for the sector

What's more exciting? It includes a special discount for survey participants - the entire report at $199. Participants also receive the executive summary as soon as it is available.

The CSAE Benefits and Compensations Report is brought to you by CSAE in partnership with The Portage Group. This report addresses remuneration data and statistics for executives, directors, managers and frontline employees working in all types and sizes of organizations within the association and not-for-profit sector. It serves as an essential research guide used by countless professionals and their boards as well as executive search and consulting firms that work with associations.

Participate in the survey!



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