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Connect, Contribute and Collaborate with CSAE’s Associations Connect

Connect, Contribute and Collaborate with CSAE’s Associations Connect

The much-awaited Associations Connect is here! CSAE has launched Associations Connect, Canada’s first online community for association and not-for-profit professionals in Canada. This digital gathering place comes as a result of CSAE listening in to the needs of its members, who are looking for ways to stay up to date and connected with others. Features of Associations Connect include:

  • Online discussion forum – for discussing issues, solving problems and sharing ideas
  • Resource library – for association professionals, by association professionals
  • Communities – sub-communities for specific interest areas and industries
  • Directory – for finding and connecting with other people in the sector

Those who already have a profile up in CSAE.com can use the same login information to sign in to Associations Connect. For those who do not have a profile up in CSAE.com, can simply sign up with their email.



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