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What's Coming Up This Fall at CSAE?

What's Coming Up This Fall at CSAE?

September is officially Performance and Learning Month, as named by the Institute for Performance and Learning. This means it’s “back-to-school” for everyone who believes in the importance of lifelong learning.

CSAE's fall roster is carefully designed to help association professionals meet their continuing education and performance-related objectives. From interactive webinars focusing on new member engagement to governance forums for seasoned executives, we’ve got something that can support success at all levels.


Our upcoming fall events

In-Person Learning Events

Tuesday, October 23 - Ottawa &
Wednesday, November 14 - Vancouver

Full Day Onsite  Governance Forum: Ottawa
Full Day Onsite   Governance Forum: Vancouver
Presented by Dr. David Weiss
This one-day Governance Forum explores the role of Board members in building an organization's strategic plan, as well as approaches to effective collaboration with senior management in this process.

October 24-26 - Ottawa
CSAE National Conference & Showcase


Virtual Learning Events

Thursday, October 18
Interactive Webinar Fueling Exceptional New Member Experiences
Presented by Amanda Kaiser

Thursday, November 1
Interactive Webinar Association Research Reveals the Stickiest New Member Engagement Programs
Presented by Amanda Kaiser 

Wednesday, November 14
Webinar Containing Harassment Risks: What Your Organization and Board Need to Know
Presented by Laura Williams

Wednesday, November 21
Webinar Cannabis: Workplace Considerations
Presented by Laura Williams





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