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Warm Up for Conference with the Governance Forum

Warm Up for Conference with the Governance Forum

Board and Senior Leaders: Learn to supercharge your strategic planning at the Pre-Conference Governance Forum

Organizations often face difficulty defining the role played by the board in strategic planning. How do they get involved with designing and implementing sustainable, competitive strategies to support an organization? What is the most effective way for them to foster innovation and a successful future?

At the Governance Forum in Ottawa, which takes place the day before the Annual Conference & Showcase, The outstanding Dr. David Weiss will guide board members and senior leaders in a deep exploration of these questions and more. Discover how board members and senior leaders can work collaboratively to identify, engage, and design an innovative strategy that fits the association’s objectives and ensures appropriate support and involvement by the board.

Save now by registering for both the Annual Conference & Showcase and the Governance Forum Can’t make it to Ottawa? A session is also scheduled for Vancouver on November 13.









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