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CSAE Ottawa-Gatineau: "Mentoring or Coaching: Which is Better for Me?"

CSAE Ottawa-Gatineau: "Mentoring or Coaching: Which is Better for Me?"

October 18th Breakfast Panel

Are you aspiring to greater heights in your career? Are you struggling with choosing between mentoring or executive coaching? We have the event for you!

Knowing which one is right for you, particularly if you’re not clear on what the fundamental differences are between the two, can be difficult. CSAE Ottawa-Gatineau will make that decision, and distinction, clearer. On October 18th, we’ll be hosting an interactive panel discussion on what each path can offer you, as well as the give and take each of these relationships requires.



Our panel experts for this session include:


Executive Coach: Claude Paul Boivin, Executive Director, Canadian Dental Association

A Certified Executive Coach, Claude Paul Boivin will impress upon attendees that a good coach is more a 'thinking partner' than someone who will be giving specific advice. A certified coach has been trained to facilitate and guide a coachee through a structured reflection and conversation with the ultimate goal of engaging, enlightening, and empowering the coachee.

"Coaching is not just a conversation - it is a guided exchange that should result in positive action on the part of the coachee," says Claude Paul. "Coaches need not have an expertise in the field of the person they are helping; rather they need to possess strong process management skills and the ability to raise probing questions."


Mentor: Bill Tholl, Retired Association Executive

Bill Tholl will share his key insights primarily as a Mentor, but also as a mentee. Bill is an author, teacher, and student of leadership with over 20 years experience as an association CEO. Drawing on the LEADS capability framework that he helped develop, Bill will focus on the Leads Self domain and the four measurable, observable capabilities that will help you reach your full potential as an association leader. "Successful leaders are self-aware; manage themselves; develop themselves; and demonstrate character," states Bill. Touching on the role of executive coaching in the proper use of 360s in leadership development, Bill will also blend in some of the key insights as lead author of "Top Twenty Tips for Surviving and Prospering in an Association World" (CSAE 2010).


Coachee: Andrew Casey, President & CEO, BIOTECanada

Andrew Casey, with over 25 years in national trade associations, has had the opportunity to experience, benefit, and grow through both mentoring and coaching. Now, in his role as the head of a national association, he is in the position of identifying team members who are ready and able to grow professionally and personally through either mentoring and/or coaching. Andrew will share thoughts and lessons learned from his experiences and will review what he discusses with members of his own team who are contemplating embarking on a coaching or mentoring program. "Not all are suitable candidates for coaching and mentoring. If done effectively, both can be very difficult experiences, particularly at the outset," notes Andrew. "Becoming aware of strengths, weaknesses, how others perceive you and, often the hardest, how you perceive yourself is not something everyone can be honest enough to take on."


Mentee: Nick Neuheimer, CEO, Canadian Association of Radiologists

A mentee, but also a mentor and coach, Nick Neuheimer, CAE and former CSAE-OG Chapter President, spearheaded the local mentorship program nearly 10 years ago. As a team member, varsity captain and hockey Canada certified coach; mentorship and coaching has been an integral part of his community and professional life. In the delicate balance between coaching and mentoring, he believes that "the mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled." Throughout his career and especially as a relatively new CEO, Nick has leaned on senior leaders for guidance. Nick will share his experience of working with a mentor.




Join us on October 18th for this must-attend Breakfast panel, and equip yourself with valuable insight towards taking the next step in your personal and professional development.



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