CSAE Long-Term Member Award

The Canadian Society of Association Executives recognizes those individuals who have been members of the Society for a period of twenty (20) years or more. Recipients receive a pin and certificate noting their years of support. This Award was first presented at the 2002 CSAE National Conference & Showcase.

While CSAE maintains a list of its members with 20+ years of service, the Society asks members who may be uncertain about their length of membership, or who may be aware of others who may qualify for this Award, to contact Danielle Lamothe at danielle@csae.com for verification.

Rebecca Alexander
Nancy Barrett, CAE
Denis Beauchamp, CAE
Connie Campbell, CAE
Barry Cavanaugh
Caroline Czajko, CAE
Adele Fifield
Penny Gardiner
Richard Gauthier
Duncan Grant, CAE
John Hoyles, CAE
Denny Kobayashi
Barrie Lynch, CAE
Laurie Nicol. CAE
Catherine Porter
Nicol Séguin, CAE
Lorna Squires, CAE
Robert Thompson
Peter White
J. Jacques Alary, caé
RV (Vince) Gillis, CAE
Roméo Malenfant.
Michelle Albagli
Danielle Godbout, caé
Gordon Masters, CAE
Rick Baker
Sheila Gordon-Dillane, CAE
Jean Matheson
Richard Benn
Bruce Gravel

David McDonald
Steven Brasier, CAE
Michel Gravel
Carolyn Mills, CAE
Glenn Campbell
Richard Harmston
Robert Nowlan
Francine Charlebois, caé
Scott Harradine
Leacy O'Callaghan-O'Brien
Don Chutter
Lorne Hepworth
Linda O'Rourke, CAE
Wes Clark
Signe Holstein, CAE
Jim Owens
Michael Cloghesy
Peter Homenuk, CAE
Don Pamenter, CAE
Al Cormier, CAE
Elizabeth Hooper
John Parry
Andrée Courteau
Yvan Jérôme, caé
William Partridge
Barbara Crowder
Morris Jesion
Cheryl Pellerin
Kurt Davis, CAE
Lynn Johnston

John Pettifer CAE
Niquette Delage, caé
Dawn Kelly, CAE
Gordon Piché
David Dore, CAE
Ronald Kolbe
Susan Smith Pond
Mary Dow
Al Kowalenko
Dianne Swinemar
Jacques Drury
Raymond L'Italien
Hans Tiedemann
Clément Dufour
Israël Lacroix
Denise Turenne
Sandy Dunn
Richard Lauzon, CAE
Bill VanGorder, CAE
Henry Eygenraam
Roger Leroux
Claudia Von Zweck
Jane Falconer
Rick Lightheart
Deanna Williams
Jan Fralick
KennethMacKenzie, CAE
Dave Wilson
George FraseCAE
B. Cail Maclean
Yaroslaw Zajac

Please contact Paige Luet at paige@csae.com for revisions to this list.

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