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CSAE News Release – 2015 Honours and Awards


Robert (Bob) Ramsay, CAE and Colleen MacDougall, CAE receive CSAE’s Highest Individual Awards.  Seven Associations Selected for the “Associations Make a Better Canada Awards” and “Communication Awards of Excellence” and the winner of the inaugural F10 Video Contest was announced.


October 30, 2015


TORONTO, ON — The Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE) has honoured Robert (Bob) Ramsay, CAE, President & Chief Staff Officer of the Motorcycle and Moped Industry Council and the Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council, with its Honorary Award of Excellence and Colleen MacDougall, CAE, Managing Director of Velocity Now Inc, with its Pinnacle Award


Both awards were formally presented during CSAE’s National Conference & Showcase held October 28 - 30 in Calgary, Alberta.

Honorary Award of Excellence – Robert (Bob) Ramsay, CAE


Robert (Bob) Ramsay, President & Chief Staff Officer of the Motorcycle and Moped Industry Council and the Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council, is the 2015 recipient of the Honorary Award of Excellence that recognizes a member’s sustained commitment and outstanding contribution to CSAE for a minimum of 10 years at either the national or local level.

“Bob has been incredibly supportive of CSAE and the entire association community. He understands the role of associations in our society and eagerly accepts every opportunity to be engaged. He continues to generously help individual members who are fortunate to be able to benefit from his senior leadership knowledge,” said Michael Anderson, CAE, President & CEO.

Ramsay served as the CSAE Trillium (Toronto) Chapter President in 1997/1998 and was awarded the Chapter’s Service Excellence Award in 2001 for his exemplary Board leadership. He served on CSAE’s Board of Directors from 2006 - 2012, including a two-year term as Chair in 2009/2010 and 2010/2011, and has chaired various other CSAE Board, Task Force and leadership committees.


Pinnacle Award – Colleen MacDougall, CAE


Pinnacle Award recipients are accomplished leaders who have demonstrated leadership qualities within their own organizations, contributed to other voluntary organizations and the community-at-large, and to CSAE at both the national and local levels.

“Colleen is the quintessential association leader. The combination of her professionalism, her willingness to mentor so many in the profession, and her community spirit make her the true embodiment of the Pinnacle Award,” said Anderson.


As Executive Director of the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association Colleen developed a veterinary health care model now recognized as the North American standard. Later, as Executive Director of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada, she transformed a local debt-ridden association into a national multi-million organization employing 20 professionals. More recently, her strong leadership and collaboration skills helped raise $3-million for Be Brave Ranch, a long-term treatment facility for sexually abused children.


Colleen served as CSAE’s Edmonton Chapter President in 2001/2002, as a CSAE Board Member from 2002 - 2008 and as CSAE Chair in 2006/2007. Her voluntary contributions to other local, provincial and international organizations have earned her the Global Unity Award for international collaboration, the Countryside Canada Award for Environmental Excellence, Hill’s Public Relations Award, and honorary life membership in the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association.


“These awards represent associations’ best efforts to support their industries, professions and society and illustrate the important role associations play in everyday life,” said Barbette Ishii, CAE, Executive Director of the BC Electrical Association and chair of CSAE’s Honours & Awards Committee.


2015 Associations Make a Better Canada Awards

These awards recognize CSAE member organizations that have initiated innovative projects resulting in positive outcomes in the areas of public education/information; public affairs/government relations; professional development and education; and ethical, technical or professional standards.


Ontario Bar Association

Category: Professional Development & Education

The Mindful Lawyer CPD Series was designed to reduce the stigma associated with mental health issues and to ensure lawyers have the knowledge and support needed to manage their own mental health. The Series won an international award from the Association of Continuing Legal Education, and the Law Society of Upper Canada will address mental health issues.


Tourism Association of Vancouver Island

Category: Public Affairs/Government Relations

Online communication tools, videos, and presentations targeted to residents, stakeholders, economic development agencies and all levels of government showcased the overall lifestyle benefits of tourism. Outreach programs and ongoing surveys point to a statistical heightening of the awareness of the value of tourism amongst all audiences.


Dietitians of Canada

Category: Public Information/Education
The annual Nutrition Month campaign theme was eating well at work, or ‘Eating 9-5!’. Nearly 300 local events were held and media spokespeople delivered almost 54-million media impressions. Ads placed in Toronto’s Union Station were visible to up to 61-million people. Another 1-million were exposed to television ads in Doctor’s offices


Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Ontario

Category: Ethical, Technical or Professional Standards

An ECO Concrete Plant Certification Program was developed to set a standard for sustainable and responsible materials procurement not witnessed before in North America. The program ensures all plants at a minimum comply with environmental regulations without the need for government intervention. It also highlights to local plant communities that each plant produces concrete sustainably and provides responsible materials procurement.


CSAE 2015 Communication Awards of Excellence


These awards acknowledge outstanding examples of successful communications vehicles created by CSAE member organizations. The Best Publication Award recognizes an association publication published at least twice a year either in print or electronic format, while the Best E-News/E-Blast Award recognizes an association’s e-news/e-blast published at least monthly. The Best Website Award is judged on effective use of medium, general impact, technical quality, innovation and creativity.


Ontario School Library Association

Category: Best Publication

Teaching Librarian is an attractive, well-written publication that is distributed to members three times each year. Writers from all areas of the province understand the needs of the publication’s target audience and continually ensure the delivery of relevant content.


Interior Designers of Canada

Category: Best E-News/E-Blast

This bi-weekly newsletter - ID Connects – has completely transformed the way its 5,500 readers receive news. Through a re-design that is modern, clean and simple, the newsletter unites nine provincial associations and provides added value to membership.


Inside Education

Category: Best Website

The creative use of colour and visual design, advanced mobile capabilities and a blog feature has resulted in a more accessible site where teachers can quickly locate learning materials for environmental and natural resource issues.



F10 Video Contest

The inaugural F10 video Contest was launched by CSAE to provide F10s (young association professionals from ages 22 to 32) with an opportunity to create content and tell their stories about working in the sector.  The winner was Rosemary Chapman of Managing Matters and she was honoured during the Annual Conference



The Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE) provides the environment, knowledge and resources its members need to develop excellence in not-for-profit leadership through education, networking, advocacy, information and research. The focus is to create member value and benefits that in turn contribute to creating a stronger society for Canadians.





Michael Anderson, CAE

President & CEO

Canadian Society of Association Executives

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2016 Leadership Awards

Each year, CSAE is proud to recognize and honour those individuals and organizations who have demonstrated significant accomplishments, exemplary leadership and tireless commitment to Canada’s association community. We invite you to join us in celebrating the contributions made by your associates and fellow professionals.

More information regarding the 2016 awards will be posted shortly. 

Individual Awards – by Nomination Only

To be considered for an award in this category, you must be nominated. Choose an award below to review nomination requirements and download required forms.

Pinnacle Award (Executive Member)

The Pinnacle Award is designed to recognize exceptional and outstanding leadership and represents a very significant milestone in an executive member’s career. Recipients have achieved prominence for the credit they bring to association leadership and the association community.

Griner Award (Business Member)

This award recognizes the significant contributions that business members make to CSAE and association management. These contributions reflect the enhancement of association management and/or CSAE’s profile and organizational effectiveness.Named in honour of the late John Griner, CAE, who was an exemplary association executive, this award is bestowed on outstanding business members.

Honorary Award of Excellence

The CSAE Honorary Award of Excellence is designed to recognize a member’s sustained commitment and outstanding contribution to CSAE for a minimum of 10 years on a national and/or

for contributions to a local chapter for a minimum of 10 years based with a demonstrated and effective involvement at that level. The ten-year contribution may also be a combination of service at both levels. Nominees have achieved prominence through their sustained commitment to CSAE.

Donna Mary Shaw Award

This Award is named in honour of the late Donna Mary Shaw, a well-respected CSAE colleague known for her interest in association management, youth and mentoring. Initiated by her many friends and colleagues as an endowment fund through CSAE’s Foundation in 1996, the Society now confers this Award on behalf of the Foundation. 


Individual Awards - By Application Only

Long-Term Service Award

The Canadian Society of Association Executives recognizes those individuals who have been members of the Society for a period of twenty (20) years or more. Recipients receive a pin and certificate noting their years of support. (This Award was presented for the first time at the 2002 CSAE National Conference & Showcase).


2015 Leadership Awards

Congratulations to these CSAE members on earning the following awards, presented in Calgary, Alberta at the CSAE 2015 National Conference & Showcase.

  • Pinnacle Award - Colleen MacDougall, CAE
  • Honorary Award of Excellence - Robert J. A. Ramsay, CAE
  • Associations Make a Better Canada Public Information/Education - Dietitians of Canada
  • Associations Make a Better Canada Public Affairs/Government Relations - Tourism Vancouver
  • Associations Make a Better Canada Professional Development & Education - Ontario Bar Association
  • Associations Make a Better Canada Ethical, Technical or Professional Standards - Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Ontario
  • Communications Awards of Excellence Best Website Award - Inside Education
  • Communications Awards of Excellence Best Publications Award (Print or Electronic) - Ontario Library Association
  • Communications Awards of Excellence Best E-News/E-Blast Award - Interior Designers of Canada
  • Communications F10 Video Contest Association Journey - Rosemary Chapman