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Donna Mary Shaw Award - for Executive and Business Members


This Award is named in honour of the late Donna Mary Shaw, a well-respected CSAE colleague known for her interest in association management, youth and mentoring. Initiated by her many friends and colleagues as an endowment fund through CSAE’s Foundation in 1996, the Society now confers this Award on behalf of the Foundation.

The Donna Mary Shaw Award encourages deserving individuals to pursue careers in the not-for-profit sector by providing six individuals in CSAE member organizations – one each from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan/Manitoba, Ontario, Québec and Atlantic Canada -- with broader exposure to the Society’s resources and a commitment to be mentored by their employer.

This select individual/s will be provided with resources, education and counseling opportunities designed to encourage their continued career aspirations within the sector and to advance within their own organization or other not-for-profit organizations.

Selected individuals may be asked to submit a brief testimonial for publication in AssociationTM magazine describing the benefits gained from winning the Award and the mentoring process.

Award recipients will be permitted to select two prizes from the following:

  • CSAE Membership
  • CAE Course
  • A registration for a National event/seminar
  • One registration to CSAE’s National Conference and Showcase

Prizes can be claimed up to 12 months following receipt of the award.


Past Recipients

2014 Winners

Maddy Marchildon and Natalie Wallace

2013 - Jessica Bedford 
2012 - Nicole Maurice, Maria Galati
2011  - Cayla Ireland
2010 – Kenny Chan
2009 – Silvia Eliçagaray; Sarah Vaughan; Karin Hedetniemi; Paul Jones Mubunga
2008 – Jasmin Lidington
2007 – Christiane Dowsing
2005 – Kelly Allbright; Sheila Lennon
2004 – Sandy Leske; Hélène Samson
2003 – Jeffrey Hanlan; Dawn Kelly; Carol S. Law; Wendy Skinner